Anthony Pangonas

Anthony has been part of both the Aggieland and The Battalion during his time at A&M.

As I took college tours and went to different campuses, Texas A&M stood out from the rest and once my acceptance letter arrived, it was very clear I had already made my decision to become an Aggie.

Fast forward to completing 90 hours at this university, and the Aggie Ring is a symbol of my time here. I learned a lot, not just through my studies here at A&M, but also about myself and where I want to go after I leave the university.

I walked into my original McFadden dorm not knowing what to look for in the next four years, but as time went on, I found myself reaching out and joining different parts of the community, such as St. Mary’s Catholic Center and Student Media. Joining The Battalion and being Editor-in-Chief of the Aggieland Yearbook for the past two years has led me to see so many parts of this school I would of never seen if I did not have my jobs down in the basement of the Memorial Student Center.

Now, as I look to the future, apply to graduate school, look for jobs and go forward from my time as a undergraduate at A&M, this ring is a reminder I am a part of this circle of Aggies who help each other whenever possible. The same ones who stand for the fallen at Silver Taps and Muster. The same ones who stand in Kyle Field on Saturday, supporting our football team. The same ones who can say, “I am a Aggie too and I am a part of the history of this university.”

While there are things I would change if I could go back, I have the opportunity to keep moving forward and look forward to the opportunities that will continue after I graduate, leave this school and become a former student. The ring on my finger is a reminder of that and as I move forward in life, I will not forget my time here at A&M.

Anthony Pangonas is an economics senior and sci-tech editor for The Battalion.

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