Benjamin Knox

Benjamin Knox, Class of 1990, was commissioned to paint famous Aggie moments. 

Famed former student Benjamin Knox will create portraits and unveil his new Kyle Field painting at Ring Day on Friday.

Knox, Class of 1990, was commissioned by Texas A&M to paint a number of popular campus monuments. He started his business out of his dorm as a sophomore to pay his way through college. As time passed, his business grew and eventually led to him being commissioned by the school and surrounding businesses to make paintings and murals. The Aggie artist has worked with the university for years now.

Knox has also been an important part of A&M’s Ring Day traditions. He’s continuing this tradition by joining the Aggie families in commemorating their students during this year’s event. Knox will be in attendance this year to sell ring print gifts for those getting their ring.

“I started creating artwork to pay for school because I was completely broke and that was in 1988, so I’m celebrating 30 years of being your Texas Aggie artist,” Knocks said. “By my senior year, I was sponsored to set up and sell my artwork. I had a full fledged art career, and it just kept going from there.”

Along with working with A&M, Knox has worked on important and pivotal pieces for the state of Texas and its political figures.

“I’ve had the opportunity to be the artist for President Bush ‘41 [and] for Texas Governor Perry,” Knox said. “I did the state gift of Texas that was given to dignitaries. Also the Historical Moments of Kyle Field, which is an exhibit I have in my gallery right now.”

Knox he’s proud to have been part of the Ring Day tradition for almost 20 years.

“I find special Ring Day art prints and drawings that I have done and drawings that I’ve done of the Aggie Ring with your year on them and I do these special, memorable gifts for people,” Knox said. “I used to give out the first ring and give a speech, so I’m very much indoctrinated into the program.”

Vice President of Communications and Human Resources of the Association of Former Students Kathryn Greenwade said working with Knox over the years has been a valuable experience.

“We enjoy working with Benjamin on Ring Day and in other endeavors,” Greenwade said. “We greatly appreciate his support of scholarships through The Association. He is always eager to help and we enjoy having him with us on Ring Day.”

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