Ring Day November 4th, 2016

Proud mother of senior construction science major Jay Milstead smiles big as she watches her son receive his Aggie ring.

Friday marks the day nearly 3,000 Aggies have been waiting for — Ring Day.

As it is presently celebrated, Ring Day has been a tradition at A&M for 16 years. On Friday a total of 2,906 rings will be distributed to current and former students from classes ranging from 1948 to 2018. Ring Day will take place at the Clayton W. Williams, Jr. Alumni Center from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Kathryn Greenwade, vice president of the Association of Former Students, said while the Aggie Ring has been a tradition since 1889 when the first one was created, the elation remains the same 127 years later.

 “The thing that has stayed the same is that whether Ring Day is the big celebration it is today or just a more simple process that it was when I got my ring in 1987, there is still that same excitement about getting your Aggie Ring — that remains the same,” Greenwade said. “No matter how you receive your Aggie Ring, there is still that excitement and joy and pride that comes with it.”
 Ring Day hasn’t always been the grand production that it is today, Greenwade said.

“As far as how it’s changed, people my age and older will tell you that picking up your ring was a very simple process,” Greenwade said. “And in 2000, we made an effort to change that because we wanted the celebration of the Aggie Ring to be equal to the milestone of receiving the Aggie Ring.”

 Greenwade said the celebration of Ring Day is intended to parallel the enjoyment that comes with being an Aggie. 

“We are Balfour’s largest collegiate account, nobody sells the volume of rings that we do,” Greenwade said. “Other schools choose to do a ring ceremony where they have a more formal event, we choose to make it more of a celebration and a fun event because being an Aggie is fun.”

With well over 200 Ring Day volunteers plus the Association staff, the day is just as special for them to reminisce on their time at A&M and see the hope for the future of the school within the students they are presenting the rings to, said Greenwade.

“We look forward to each Ring Day, and we enjoy celebrating this milestone with students and their families,” Greenwade said. “And I think for the people that are participating in Ring Day by handing out rings, by presenting rings, by volunteering here — it renews their pride in being an Aggie. It takes you back to your time as a student and makes you feel good about the future of our school because you see students that have that very same excitement that you had in receiving your ring.”

Accounting senior Austin Ramirez will receive his Aggie gold on Friday.

“To me receiving [my ring] is the most special thing that happens during this time at A&M. It’s something that a few people in my family have and something since the day I enrolled here at A&M that I’ve been excited for, and I’ve been counting down since I ordered it in the summer,” Ramirez said. “And I just know it’s going to not only be an exciting time on Friday, but help open opportunities throughout my entire career.”

The ring of Lisa Diane Ramirez, class of 2010 and Ramirez’s aunt, was donated by his family to the Aggie Ring Collection when she passed away, and is now displayed in the Alumni Center.

“When I’m able to wear my Aggie Ring, I will join the thousands that have gone before me and who have a ring on their right hand also,” Ramirez said. “And that it will just give me something that I have on every day that will remind me of my time here at A&M and all the hard work that I’ve shown, but at the same time give me something that makes being an Aggie being so special.”

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