Brad Morse

Senior Brad Morse said his time spent at A&M has made him the man he is today. 

For me, today is the day that many Aggies look forward to the moment they get their acceptance letter. Today, I get my Aggie Ring.

This isn’t just going to be another piece of jewelry to be worn on certain occasions; it won’t be simply another accolade for me to hang my hat on, it’s going to be something much more than that. Yes, it will be proof that I completed 90 hours of coursework at Texas A&M, and yes, I’m sure it will spark up a conversation with a fellow Aggie somewhere other than College Station, sometime in the future. Above all else, my ring will serve as a memento to how much I changed between before I enrolled at A&M and who I became while I have been here.

Every time I will look down at my ring, countless memories will run through my mind. Unforgettable moments with my fraternity brothers, hours spent editing and joking with my co-workers at The Battalion, late nights spent locked away in Evans trying to cram for an exam, thrilling football games at Kyle Field and even just admiring the buildings on campus.

Every time I’ll look at my ring, I’ll remember a very special part of my life, one that I am grateful to have had.

My ring will also serve as a testament to how far I’ve come, and as a reminder that I can achieve my goals. Every frustrating moment or obstacle I came across, from sub-par test scores to having to balance a million things and stay above water, and everything in between ­— I was able to make it through. Despite everything, I made it, and I will always wear a reminder that I did.

I’ve done a lot while I’ve been here. I’ve met some of the most interesting people I’ve ever come across, formed friendships and brotherhoods that will last long after graduation, learned life lessons both in and out of class and made so many memories, I couldn’t even write them all out if I tried.

To say that A&M has transformed me would be an understatement. The man I was met the man I am going to be, and that is something I will always owe to this great university. To be able to wear a symbol of that, and forever be connected to this wonderful place and all of its history and tradition is a fulfilling achievement for me.

Brad Morse is a sociology senior and science & technology editor for The Battalion.

Brad Morse is a sociology senior and Editor-in-chief for The Battalion.

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