Sanna Bhai

Political science junior Sanna Bhai says her ring represents her Aggie family.

Leaving home and coming to College Station was a big step, not only me, but for my entire family.

Being from a South Asian household, it was hard for my parents to separate themselves from me and let me live alone for an extended period. With immense trust, respect and a heavy heart my parents dropped me off at Texas A&M to get the education they never received. And I thank them for this, from the bottom of my heart.

When I got to A&M I was overwhelmed with all the spirit; I couldn’t figure out where it all came from. Then I went to fish camp, and it began to make more sense. The only reason I am thankful for fish camp is because it taught me the A&M traditions and began the process of grooming me into an Aggie for life.

I went to my first football game with an exchange student during my freshman year, which was fitting because I knew just as much as she did about Aggie football — nothing. Don’t get me wrong, I love football, but I was never a fan of Aggie football or college football in general; I am a through and through Dallas Cowboys fan. As I explained the game of American football to my friend, I could hear myself get more and more excited as minutes flew by. Since then, not only Sunday’s, but Saturday’s are also dedicated to football.

Throughout my last three years, I have contemplated my decision to come to A&M, leaving my comfort zone comprised of my family, high school and childhood friends multiple times, but what I have gained always outweighs my losses. I have made friends that accept me for who I am, and without them, I would have never made it to this day. They encourage me to live up to my full potential, laugh at my dumb jokes, gossip with me until late hours of the night and tolerate me as their roommate. I have gained valuable experience and a family at The Battalion from my journey as a freshman writer to my current position as assistant new editor. The editorial staff has ripped apart my writing, cherished my commitment and spent countless moments with me complaining about college.

My Aggie Ring is a symbol of all of this. A symbol of my journey at A&M. A symbol of my strengths and my weaknesses. A symbol of the family I made here. A symbol of who I am — an Aggie.

Sanna Bhai is a political science junior and assistant news editor for The Battalion.

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