An important milestone in an Aggie’s life is getting their ring after countless hours of homework and studying, but sometimes things can go horribly wrong.

It’s not unusual to hear a college student complain about losing their personal belongings after a crazy night on Northgate or a long day of class, but it is rare to hear about someone losing their Aggie Ring. However, on occasion, there are horror stories even Aggie Rings cannot stay away from.

When Natalie Hughes, engineering freshman, looked back at her family’s long line of Aggies, she said there was one catastrophic moment when her aunt accidentally swallowed her ring.

“So basically my aunt, whose ring dunk it was, was trying to chug her drink as quickly as possible and then when she reached the bottom of the pitcher, there was no ring,” Hughes said. “Mom said that her eyes bulged the moment that she realized when it happened, and then she said the entire family went crazy.”

Casey Clarke, electrical engineering senior, said he witnessed a student lose his ring during a football game at Kyle Field. Although he didn’t know the person, he said he remembered paying more attention to the ring nightmare than the actual football players that day.

“My friends and I were near the nosebleed section for that game,” Clarke said. “I remember turning around and seeing some kid’s ring fly off their hands. I can only imagine how hard he must have been clapping, but it legit flew off his finger and landed on the part of the stadium that gives the student section shade.”

For a long time, people only focused on the student’s ring as opposed to the game or the yells, according to Madison Sanchez, biomedical sciences sophomore.

“Everyone was freaking out for him,” Sanchez said. “They were watching him and the roof of the stadium as if we could do something for him. I think we could all feel his pain. It took almost two hours to get someone that worked at the stadium that could come to the rescue. Eventually, someone did come to help though and they got his ring. The whole thing was very traumatic for him, I can imagine. We all cheered once he got his ring back. It was a happy ending at least.”

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