Ring Day

This is the antique finish of the ring.  Aggie Rings are wore with the numbers facing towards the wearer until the student graduates.

Dark clouds did not dampen the spirit as thousands of Aggies put their Aggie gold on their finger for the first time inside the Hall of Champions at Kyle Field.

With the threat of inclement weather all day Friday, the Association of Former Students made a decision to move the celebration to Kyle Field.

Brittany Martinez, biomedical science senior, said she enjoyed the change of location.

“To be honest, I think I liked it better here, because I have been to my friends’ over at the Association of Former Students and I just like the idea of being in the Hall of Champions, you’re right by Kyle Field,” Martinez said. “I felt like the moment was more surreal because you’re at Kyle Field, it’s the Kyle Field.”

Martinez said she was worried about the weather for the day’s events.

“I was freaking out, especially because my hair gets really crazy,” Martinez said. “I was really worried and had been keeping an eye on it since last week and I was like, ‘This is not good, what am I gonna do?’ But I’m so glad they moved it to Kyle Field.”

Anthony Paulino, computer science junior, said he was happy to have his family with him as he got his ring, an accomplishment he puts above getting his diploma.

“I feel like, honestly, it’s bigger than my diploma,” Paulino said. “This is the first thing that people see … and it’s a good way to show all the hard work that I’ve had and just to show the network that A&M brings.”

Ashleigh Pryor, Spanish senior, said the best moment of the day was having her dad present her ring to her.

“The most special moment was having my dad present my ring to me, for sure,” Pryor said. “We didn’t know if he was going to be able to make it because he parked in North side and the traffic was terrible, but they were running far enough behind that he was able to make it. It was perfect.”

Pryor said although unusual trials accompanied the unique location, receiving her Aggie Ring at Kyle Field made the day more special.

“I would say there was probably a logistical fiasco a little bit, because of the crowds. Everybody was trying to force their way in before it was their group time,” Pryor said. “I’m glad the ring is open to take pictures and being on the field and having those pictures was really fun too.”

According to Martinez, the weight of an Aggie Ring can be felt physically and is a reminder of all her hard work.

“It’s an amazing experience, it seems surreal, I can’t even think right now,” Martinez said. “The only thing is, I didn’t expect it to be so heavy. It’s definitely a good reminder that it’s there and I just feel like all these years of school feels worth it now, other than graduation of course.”

Gracie Mock is a communication senior and Managing Editor for The Battalion.

News Editor

Taylor Fennell is a telecommunications sophomore and news editor at The Battalion.

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