Abigail Ochoa

Agricultural communications and journalism senior Abigail Ochoa comes from a family of Aggies and is the fourth in her family to receive her Aggie Ring.

Growing up there was always one thing I knew — I was an Aggie.

Texas A&M has been a major part of my life. Whether it was the many Saturdays around the TV watching football — especially Thanksgiving when my family would move our dinner table to the living room so we could watch the Aggies beat the Longhorns — or when my dad would give me a high five and I would instantly be reminded of the large piece of Aggie gold on his finger.

It’s crazy to think I will be receiving that same piece of gold on Friday, surrounded by the family and friends who helped me get there.

My grandmas, who showed me the power of hard work and dedication; my parents, who constantly challenge me to be a better person; my siblings, who make life more fun; my cousins, aunts and uncles, who continue to support me in my crazy dreams, and my friends, who make Aggieland feel like home. I can’t think of a better group to be present for such a special moment.

There is no doubt that I will cry when my mom puts the ring on my finger. I cry at nearly every show and movie, so I don’t see this moment being any different. But I know this emotion will be more than my favorite character dying on my favorite show and instead, a compilation of all the good and bad moments of my college career that led me to getting my Aggie ring.

Moments like my first two months in College Station wondering if I made the right choice. The first time I stepped on the sidelines of Kyle Field with confidence, knowing it was where I belonged. The bad days that seemed to never end and all the times I laughed and smiled more than I ever have. You never really know the kind of experience you will have once you’re in college, but it sure is worth the ride.

Needless to say, it will be a great day. A childhood dream coming true. An expensive dream, but nonetheless a dream.

The saying “if it’s done twice, it’s a tradition” rings (haha) true in my family. I will be the fourth person to receive my Aggie ring, adding to rings in the Class of 1996 and two from Class of 2014.

While this isn’t my family’s first Ring Day, I do hope it makes a lasting impact on them. An impact that will hopefully upgrade me from the kids table, since my age hasn’t seemed to do the trick. Fingers crossed.

Abigail Ochoa is an agricultural communications and journalism senior and sports editor for The Battalion.

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