Bus 12

Ellen, Clara, Clark and Jesus Palomo use Bus 12 to spread the Aggie Spirit around campus and to many events around the nation. 

This Ring Day marks the 12th year that Bus 12, a new Aggie tradition, will be attending the event.

Members of a die-hard Aggie family, the Lanes came up with the idea to transform a school bus into something that would promote the Aggie Spirit at away-game Midnight Yells. The family gained support from the Association of Former Students and created what is now considered an Aggie tradition. Bus 12 has attended every Ring Day since 2006 — a total of 36 — and it brings the spirit to other events as well. According to Brent Lane, Class of 2005, Bus 12 was a way to give back to the university.

“It gave us the opportunity to spread Aggie Spirit on campus, for away games and any and all of the special events that the bus takes part in,” Lane said.

Bus 12 can often be seen driving around on campus before home-game Yell Practices. According to Lane, when the bus blasts music by the Aggie Band, the reaction on people’s faces is priceless.

“Their reactions are great because its just sheer joy,” Lane said. “It brings joy to people who are around, kind of like when you were a kid and the ice cream truck showed up. It’s fun to bring that kind of excitement to the campus.”

According to Ellen Palomo, Class of 2007 and one of the family members involved with Bus 12, the platform on top of the bus allows the Yell Leaders to lead Yell Practice at away-game Midnight Yells. One of her favorite Yell Practices takes place at the Fort Worth Stockyards.

“It gives you goosebumps to see that many Aggies together, especially when you’re far away from A&M,” Palomo said. “It’s a rallying point and that is really special…You feel really proud because you feel like it’s contributing something to the life of A&M and current students and former students — and that’s a special event.”

Bus 12 has become a special part of Ring Day, and thousands of students have been able to take photos by the bus, according to Palomo.

“It’s a neat part of Ring Day because the bus is all about spirit and excitement and passion — I mean it’s Aggie passion on wheels,” Palomo said. “It’s just part of commemorating that special day for everybody, and that’s a really special thing.”

Jesus Palomo, Class of 2007, said Bus 12 has been able to travel to many places throughout the United States for away games and parades.

“We have taken it to California, Oklahoma and all the way to Florida,” Jesus Palomo said. “We’ve been to both ends of [the country].”

Ellen Palomo said the bus has become an integral part of her family’s life, including her children Clark and Clara, and their doors are always open.

“Whenever you see the bus, you’re always welcome in the bus,” Palomo said. “Because that’s what we built it for and it makes us happy when it brings Aggies together or it opens the door to people that are new to the Aggie family.”

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