Looking for the Perfect Gift for Mom and Dad

I know many people claim this but I really think that I have the best parents in the world. They have supported me in practically everything and I’m one of those lucky enough to have gone through college exclusively focused on just my academics with their financial support. I recently earned my degree and landed my dream job. While I know that no gift can ever repay everything that they have done for me, I am looking for the best way of saying thanks. Any ideas?

First and foremost, congratulations! Moreso, congratulations on being such a great kid and recognizing the effort and dedication of your parents. In today’s environment of student debt and high-cost tuition, putting a child through college is a monumental task. We are sure that they are proud of your accomplishments and share in the glory of your graduation and recent job opportunity.   

Psychologists believe that the act of giving gifts is complex and involves the establishment of bonds and the development of relationships. In its most essential form, the act entails the symbolic demonstration of love and appreciation. The concept of gift giving predates modern civilization and goes back to the age of cavemen. Throughout history, gifts have been used to commemorate idols, show allegiance, give thanks, or provide a token of good luck, among many other reasons. The thought behind the gift is the fundamental notion and is of vital importance to the act.

 For a gift to be perfect, a few conditions need to be met. The first condition is for the gift to be thoughtful. Since the gift is for both your mom and dad, home plate tickets to the Mets probably won’t cut it. The gift must encompass both parents. Therefore, think of what they both enjoy doing together. The price of the item will not matter. What will matter is the representation of the time that you took to think of their enjoyments. Next, focus on long-term use. If you can provide something that your parents will continually use, the feeling of enjoyment will also be long-term. The reason that these two characteristics are important is that, by providing a long-lasting gift that fits a need or want, you are demonstrating that you took time and dedication to think and search for the item.

One gift that is inexpensive but thoughtful is books. However, not just any book. For a book to be a great idea, author and interest should be matched with the recipient. Furthermore, has the recipient already read the book? Does the recipient already own the book? The reason that a book can be a great gift is that it will require the gift-giver an investment of time to research answers to these questions and know and understand the recipient well enough to find a great match. Professionally-made personalized books for adults are a creative alternative. These are often used to commemorate occasion or document life’s great moments. If your parents are retired or older and the budget is higher, they may enjoy an addition to their home. For example, hot tubs or walk-in tubs are popular among older generations. Consider reading and researching various walk in tubs reviews, and if the description aligns with your parents and see if one of the options would be a good fit.

Regardless of the gift value or the gift itself, the idea of “it’s the thought that counts” holds true. Anyone receiving a gift will love the item if it fits the personality, enjoyment, and desire of the recipient. Therefore, take the time to learn about your parent’s interests and see what they are wanting or needing. By meeting these needs or desires, your mom and dad will see the thought that came with the act of giving.

“Families are the compass that guides us. They are the inspiration to reach great heights, and our comfort when we occasionally falter.” --Brad Henry

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