Jimbo Fisher

Texas A&M head coach Jimbo Fisher said Hurricane Dorian will not affect the team's travel plans for Saturday's game against Clemson.

The Aggies are taking on the No. 1 team in the nation in Clemson this Saturday. Here’s what the players and A&M head coach Jimbo Fisher had to say before the big game:

Culture of confidence

A mentality of confidence surrounds the 2019 Texas A&M football team, and that confidence extends to the upcoming game against No. 1 Clemson. The Aggies hold the opinion that they can beat Clemson, and in the Tigers’ home stadium no less.

“There will be an upset,” junior offensive lineman Jared Hocker said.

Social media policy still ongoing

Fisher implemented a social media ban throughout fall camp, and that policy is still under effect. The idea stems from the Aggies’ upcoming opponent Clemson, who didn’t use social media around the time they were preparing for January’s National Championship game, in which they topped Alabama 44-16.

“They were off social media and they probably didn’t see any clutter, any favorites, any 20 points this-or-that,” junior wide receiver Jhamon Ausbon said.

Renfro remains suspended

Junior defensive back Debione Renfro will be suspended for Saturday’s game against Clemson, which Fisher said is the final game of his suspension for violating team policy.

“Renfro will not play this week,” Fisher said. “He will be suspended one more game.”

 Hurricane Dorian to have no impact on travel plans

The team’s plan to travel to Clemson on Thursday remains the same, despite Hurricane Dorian’s projected trajectory toward the East Coast.

“We’re going to go unless other things come into play,” Fisher said. “I’ll let them decide that. I can't worry about things [I] can’t control. We’ll have an alternate plan if it starts to come to that."

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