Kellen Mond

Junior quarterback Kellen Mond passed for 194 yards against Texas State.

Mond Magic

Junior quarterback Kellen Mond has made significant improvement going into his third year at Texas A&M. From faster progressions to smarter decision-making, Mond’s performance in A&M’s 41-7 win over Texas State was a highlight of his career. Mond led the Aggies to 478 yards of total offense, going 23-of-36 for 232 passing yards and three touchdowns. The junior signal caller also added 25 rushing yards and one rushing touchdown. Though he did throw one interception, it ultimately didn’t matter as the defense secured an interception of their own to return possession to Mond.

A dominant defense

The A&M defense, despite lacking an experienced roster, was stellar in Thursday’s season opener. The defense, led by junior linebacker Buddy Johnson with seven tackles, held Texas State to 219 total yards of offense. Only eight of those were rushing yards. Senior defensive back Roney Elam added five tackles, one sack and one interception.The Aggies were also a force on third down, holding Texas State to only six of 15 conversions — a 40 percent conversion rate.

Secondary improvement

The secondary shone during Thursday night’s game, showing much improvement from last season. The unit produced seven interceptions last year, but after this game alone, they’re already up to four in 2019. Junior defensive back Myles Jones picked off the Bobcats twice, doubling his career interceptions, to lead the Aggies on the turnover front. With Trevor Lawrence and Clemson on the horizon, the performance gives the secondary a much-needed confidence boost.

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