Speedy Noil

Speedy Noil was a wide receiver on the Texas A&M football team during his time at Texas A&M.

Former Texas A&M wide receiver Devante “Speedy” Noil was arrested Wednesday and charged with aggravated assault, resisting arrest and criminal trespass, according to KBTX.

The charges stem from two incidents on April 19 and 20. While being served an eviction notice at an apartment complex on Holleman Drive, Noil punched one of the men serving the notice then ran off before police arrived.

The next day, Noil was playing loud music in the computer lab of the Lofts at Wolf Pen Creek, prompting a security guard to ask him to turn it down, according to KAGS. Noil then pulled a knife on the security guard and police were called. Officers arrived and chased Noil, but he evaded arrest.

Noil, 23, has faced legal issues in the past. In April of 2016, he was arrested for driving without a license. The following December, Noil had a warrant issued for his arrest in regards to a marijuana possession charge. He turned himself in and was released on bail.

Just days before the most recent incident, Noil was arrested at a College Station Bahama Bucks for criminal trespassing when he refused to leave after making offensive comments to the staff, according to KBTX.

Noil played for the Aggies from 2014 to 2016. He entered the NFL Draft after his junior year, but went undrafted. He signed with the Green Bay Packers and participated in their rookie minicamp, but was cut afterward.

Noil then signed with the Seattle Seahawks on May 15, 2017, but was cut from the team just 16 days later.

He also spent time in the Canadian Football League and the Alliance of American Football with the Edmonton Eskimos and San Antonio Commodores, but was cut from both teams.

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