Texas A&M vs. No. 2 Clemson

Hannah Underwood


Season Record Prediction: 9-3

It has been said many times before — Texas A&M football has one of the most difficult 2019 schedules in the SEC. Not only will the Aggies face the top three teams in the nation, they are also taking on two of those teams on the road. Though the team has grown in maturity and confidence over the offseason, it will be a tough challenge for A&M to notch wins at No. 1 Clemson, over No. 2 Alabama at home and at No. 3 Georgia. This trio of games, plus the season finale against No. 6 LSU, will make it extremely difficult for the Aggies to win more than nine games. That prediction, of course, accounts for them winning at least one of those ranked matchups. LSU is a strong possibility for that final win this season. Last year’s seven-overtime showdown was one that will keep fans talking for a while, and there is a lot of pressure on the Aggies to top the Tigers once more, this time in Baton Rouge. Though the challenge is steep, it is not impossible, especially considering the increased confidence that the team is displaying.

Brian Bass


Season record prediction: 8-4

When it comes to the future of Aggie football, there isn’t a more tough year to predict than 2019. The starting rotation at key positions from last year is young and talented, but even for this recruiting class, wins will not come easy at Clemson, Georgia and LSU. To replicate last year’s success, A&M will have to defeat a dangerous Auburn team and Mississippi State, a program that the Aggies have not secured a victory against since 2015. A&M has the offensive pieces to repeat, but the defense will be in question with only four returning starters from last season.

The Aggies will pick up an upset against four of the top-six programs currently in the AP Top 25, and then drop a disappointing game in SEC play. Auburn may be that team with an experienced offensive line to protect true freshman quarterback Bo Nix, as well as the entire secondary returning when the Tigers make the trip to Aggieland.

Sydney Reynolds


Season Record Prediction: 9-3

There are a lot of unknowns that will determine the level of success the Aggies have in 2019. Last year Kellen Mond was much improved from 2017 under Jimbo Fisher, but not where he needed to be in order to beat an Alabama team. With another year of quarterback training from Jimbo, I predict that he will be much more consistent and will limit mistakes. Additionally, A&M has arguably the best group of receivers in the country, which should in itself boost Mond’s performance. The loss of Trayveon Williams at running back leaves a void, but Jashaun Corbin showed great potential last year and the Aggies have several young players that could step up.

The A&M defense played the run well last year but ranked near the bottom of the SEC in pass defense. The Aggies are returning virtually their entire secondary, so although they will be suiting up the same players, you can expect maturity. And with another year of preparation from the coaches, you can expect a much improved pass defense.

Although most would agree the Aggies will be an improved team, the hard truth is that they also have arguably the toughest schedule in the country — especially when you consider the road games. A&M will play the top three ranked teams in the country as well as No. 6 LSU. I believe Jimbo will have the Aggies ready and they will win at least one of the games against the Top 3. Ending the season with Georgia and LSU in consecutive weeks will be a tough finish.

Jennifer Streeter


Season Record Prediction: 9-3

The Texas A&M football team has improved tremendously over the offseason. They have gained confidence, and this will be Jimbo’s second season. However, it is a fact that the Aggies have one of the most difficult schedules in the SEC. Their matchups against No. 1 Clemson, No. 2 Alabama, No. 3 Georgia and No. 6 LSU are going to be, undoubtedly, very tough games. I firmly believe that the Aggies will be able to pull off a win against one of those teams, most likely LSU. The road ahead for the Aggies is tough, but their improvements and Jimbo are on their side.

Yuritzi Elizondo


Season Record Prediction 9-3

The Aggies’ 2019 slate is looking to be as steep as the most recent seasons, basically business as usual, as they face the test of No. 1 Clemson at Memorial Stadium, No. 16 Auburn and No. 2 Alabama within the first half of their schedule. The season will be won, lost and ultimately decided by the outcomes of the road games. Soon after their trip to Clemson, the Aggies will then head on to No. 3 Georgia and No. 6 LSU back-to-back for their last two regular-season games. As delusional as it may sound, if Texas A&M can manage to tally wins in all three of these games, then there just might be a real possibility for a position in the College Football Playoff. But as many have learned in seasons before, it is important to not get hopes that high and consider yet another dread of the annual November slump. Although, this is where we get to see whether or not Jimbo Fisher, in his second season, can shape this out to be more than just an eight-win team.

Jack Holmes


Season Record Prediction: 9-3

This year Texas A&M will likely be a better team with a worse record – but that would be no fun to predict. It is well-known that the Aggies have a tough schedule in 2019, facing four of the top six teams in the AP preseason poll. No. 1 Clemson, No. 3 Georgia and No. 6 LSU are on the road in extremely harsh environments, while No. 2 Alabama will come to Kyle Field in October.

I will give the Aggies one win out of those four games due to where they are being played and the top-level talent on both sides of the ball for each of the four opponents. That being said, I am counting on Jimbo Fisher to have his guys ready to bounce back against No. 16 Auburn after last season’s disappointing meltdown, and this will be the year that the Aggies do not drop one of the Mississippi games.

A&M will win the games that they should and steal a least one win against the big four teams on the schedule to finish 9-3, to be within a shot of a place in the SEC Championship game.

Tara Drummond


Season Record Prediction: 9-3

With the second year rolling with Jimbo Fisher at the wheel, the Aggies will be facing what I predict to be one of the most defining seasons in A&M football history.

Despite the losses against Clemson and Alabama last season, the Aggies held their own against these two top teams and fought to the finish, coming out on top against LSU. All this is an impressive turnaround after a new coach, new program and all-around new team.

Going into the 2019 season, the Aggies have a tough schedule on their side, but from last year’s performance and after just one year of Fisher’s rebuild of the team, I will give the Aggies a definite win in 9 of the match-ups but a strong fight against No. 3 Georgia, No. 2 Alabama, and No. 1 Clemson.

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