Equestrian SEC Championship

Freshman Haley Redifer scored a 176 in equitation over fences on March 30 in the SEC Championship final.

The Texas A&M equestrian team fell to defending national champions Auburn 11-6 on Saturday in the SEC Championships. With the loss, the Aggies earn a second place finish in conference competition for the first time since 2015.

In the first event of the day, Equitation over Fences, Auburn jumped out to a strong start. The Tigers took four points in the event, including a point earned by Catlin Boyle. Boyle, who became the Tigers’ most successful rider on Fences in program history during the semi-final faceoff with South Carolina, received an impressive 263 for her ride.

A&M senior Rebekah Chenelle got the Aggies on the board in the last ride of the event, earning a point with an astounding score of 268. Chenelle’s exceptional performance earned her the Most Outstanding Player honors in the matchup.

Horsemanship followed with the Aggies looking to cut into Auburn's lead. Senior Sarah Orsak earned a hard fought tie with Auburn’s Kara Kaufman to start off the event. Junior Ashely Davidson and senior Ashley Sicoco followed with strong rides to earn two points for the Aggies, resulting in a 2-2 tie in the event.

To kick off the second half of the day’s events, Equitation on the Flat featured some close matchups. A&M’s Rhian Murphy and Caroline Dance both tied with their rides. Despite some outstanding rides from the Aggies, Auburn outscored the other three riders in the event to ensure their victory.

The second western discipline event and final competition of the day, Reining, did not disappoint. A&M senior Kalee McCann edged out Auburn standout Betsey Brown. Juniors Courtney Yohey and Darby Gardner also earned points for the Aggies with impressive rides. The Aggies took the final event of the day 3-2.

Despite a number of successful rides by the Aggies, A&M ultimately fell to undefeated Auburn, 11-6.

The Aggies will be back in action at the NCEA championships in Waco on April 17 through April 20.

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