Football COVID-19 cases

Texas A&M football has paused its in-person activity after a player and a staff member tested positive for COVID-19 following the team’s game in South Carolina, coach Jimbo Fisher announced Monday.

A&M coach Jimbo Fisher said A&M football is trying to prevent a spread, if there is one.

“We had [some] COVID[-19] after we got back,” Fisher said. “[With] retesting, we suspended things for the safety protocols to make sure we do our core tracing and all the things we go about. We’re retesting the whole team again today and staying in the protocols during the week. So we’re in those processes now so if there is more there, if there is a spread, we’re trying to prevent that.”

Sophomore safety Demani Richardson missed Saturday’s game after testing positive for COVID-19 last week.

Fisher said Richardson has not met the SEC’s COVID-19 requirements to be cleared to play in A&M’s upcoming game against Tennessee. The protocols include a 10-day quarantine.

“[With Richardson] you have to go through the protocols and the time frames,” Fisher said. “He has to be a 10-day protocol and I do not believe he meets that time frame with what his test was.”

Fisher said the team is currently undergoing contact tracing following the positive cases. While Monday’s in-person practices are paused, the team will still meet via Zoom.

“As days go on, testing comes back and quarantine protocols come back,” Fisher said. “We’re playing today, we’re meeting and doing everything as if we would be here, we’re just doing it on Zoom.”

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