Football vs. Arkansas

Sophomore running back Isaiah Spiller ran for 90 yards against Arkansas.

With a 42-31 win over the Arkansas Razorbacks, No. 8 Texas A&M is now 4-1 in the all-SEC schedule and has won nine straight games against the Razorbacks.

Senior quarterback Kellen Mond broke A&M’s all-time total yardage record with 10,015 yards over Johnny Manziel’s 9,989 yards.

“It's a tremendous feeling and I've worked so hard each and every year to continue to work and continue to grind. In my earlier years you know I understood that you know I had a lot of growth to do,” Mond said. “That's part of everyone's growth, being able to look yourself in the mirror and being able to continue to grow. I mean I've had so many phenomenal coaches and players that I played with a lot of that thanks goes to those people.”

Reaching 100 career tackles, senior cornerback Myles Jones, senior safety Keldrick Carper and sophomore safety Demani Richardson also join the history books.

Appearing in his first game since 2018, junior wide receiver Hezekiah Jones made his comeback after missing the entirety of last season due to an injury.

“Hezekiah is definitely a key factor to the offense because of the leadership that he brings and the experience that he brings,” sophomore running back Ainias Smith said. “He is a great leader and a great athlete. Everything that he does is always full speed and brings us to the next level so it’s great to have him back.”

To start off the game, the Razorbacks scored on a six-yard pass from Feleipe Franks to Treylon Burks. The Aggies followed with two touchdowns; a 35-yard pass from Mond to Smith followed by a 15-yard run by Smith for his second touchdown of the game.

The second quarter saw a touchdown from Jalen Wydermyer after a six-yard pass from Mond. This was followed up by a touchdown from the Razorbacks’ Tyson Morris. A second touchdown from the Aggies in the second by sophomore running back Isaiah Spiller.

Scoring in the third quarter was kicked off by the a field goal from Razorbacks’ A.J. Reed. The Aggies answered with another Wydermyer touchdown and then a 30-yard touchdown run by freshman running back Devon Achane.

The fourth quarter had a score early by the Razorbacks with a pass from Franks to Burks for a 16-yard touchdown, followed by a second Arkansas touchdown late in the quarter with a 14-yard run by Rakeem Boyd.

“[I’m] very proud of our team. The competitive nature of our group was very good. Didn’t get a score that first drive and then they [Arakanas] scored. After that we scored six straight drives with six straight six touchdowns,” A&M coach Jimbo Fisher said. “Southwest Classic, that game is always a dog fight, it doesn’t matter if two rivals go at it like that.”

The Aggies will next travel to South Carolina to take on the Gamecocks on Saturday, Nov. 7 at 6 p.m.

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