Hezekiah Jones

Junior wide receiver Hezekiah Jones eyes the ball as it goes over the defender's hands.

Following Texas A&M’s win over Arkansas and ahead of the sixth game of the season on Saturday, Nov. 7, A&M coach Jimbo Fisher and players met with the media to discuss the matchup with South Carolina.

Here’s what we learned:

Midway point

A&M football has reached the midway point of its season. The Aggies have played five games so far and currently hold a 4-1 record. A&M has five more games left on its schedule, excluding potential playoff and bowl games.

Fisher said he is happy with the team chemistry that has developed as the team has progressed through its conference-only schedule.

“The first thing is our competitive nature, our ability to be resilient and our ability to match up to each situation no matter what happens to us,” Fisher said. “I love the camaraderie of this team. We are learning to be a physical football team.”

Hezekiah Jones’ new hobby

On Saturday, Oct. 31, junior wide receiver Hezekiah Jones played in his first game since Dec. 31, 2018, after missing all of 2019 and the first four games of this season due to an achilles injury he sustained in fall camp last fall. Although he is now back in the game, as he had five receptions for 47 yards on Halloween night, Jones said he took up fashion design during his recovery.

Despite his new hobby, Jones said remained dedicated to the sport.

“I learned that I can sew, I got a sewing machine and started making pants and stuff. I found myself dipping into fashion a little bit,” Jones said. “When I was outside football I still very much studied NFL film and our film, I was still a student of the game.”

Election Day

Per the NCAA, all Division I athletes will be given the day off on Tuesday, Nov. 3, for Election Day. This means the athletes will not be participating in games, practices or media availability on the related date. The legislation encourages athletes to participate in civic engagement.

Senior offensive tackle Carson Green said coach Fisher has encouraged the team to go vote.

“Coach [Fisher] has made it a big emphasis that we all have a choice to make a difference and vote and how we can make a difference to go do it,” Green said. “He’s definitely pushing that for everyone on the team.”

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