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Rhythm & Blue

Blue Man Group brings unique experience to campus

Published: Monday, February 27, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, July 25, 2012 22:07

The Blue Man Group is coming to College Station, and they're bringing a spectacle of art, sound and technology equipped to wow Rudder Theatre in an entirely new way.

Bhurin Sead, one of the three blue men, said the show is more of a two-way sensory experience than a mere performance.

"It's hard to describe. [The show] is meant to be experienced," Sead said. "There's really no fourth wall between us and the audience, so they let us know where we want to take it every night. The blue men discover the audience and the audience gets to live in the moment and have fun — let go of everything else."

Each performance is tailored to fit the crowd of the night. The show depends entirely on audience interaction and plays off the energy in the room. For example, if an audience is particularly quiet, the musicians and performers will alter the pace of the show to inspire excitement.

"The band is different for each audience, but the show is scripted," Sead said. "There are certain points that we have to hit every time in order to reach the finale, but it's how we hit them that changes."

Basically, no show is the same.

"Every city is really unique," Sead said. "Everywhere we've gone, it's been really receptive and that gives us something real and tangible to work with."

The performance itself revolves around three bald characters that exhibit a wide range of emotions while portraying a special sense of child-like wonder in the process. It's about tapping into the inner kid and letting go of the constrictions of everyday life, not just for the audience, but for the performers as well.

"When I put on the makeup, I get to be myself," Sead said. "I get to get away with more stuff, like joking. The Blue Man is a heightened sense of what's inside. I'm more myself than when I'm out of the makeup."

Clayton Bridge, freshman electrical engineering major, purchased Blue Man Group tickets for sentimental reasons.

"I used to do taekwondo demonstrations to Blue Man Group music, so I'm attached to them in a way," Bridge said.

All emotions aside, the Blue Man Group is also about exhibiting technology, color and music in ways that are not often seen.

"There's so much in [the show] — music, comedy, technology, scientific vibes," Sead said. "The original Blue Men are heavily involved in the creative process. They surround themselves with different writers and technology to keep it fresh."

Students who are going should expect everything from paint to drums to various multimedia. The night will be anything but normal.

"There's a big finale that I love talking about, but I don't want to give away," Sead said. "People see it and leave talking about it for days."

Jordyn Ingram, sophomore nutrition major, views the event as a much-needed stress reliever and plans to let go of the daily chaos.

"It's after my two hardest exams, so going to the show will be a celebration," Ingram said.

After the show, the blue men and the band will be available in the lobby for a brief meet and greet with the audience.

The show will run from March 2 through March 4. Additional information regarding tickets and show times are available online at


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