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Résumé tip: Email addresses need not be a hassle

Madeline Burns: Fix that embarrassing Net ID

Published: Sunday, September 18, 2011

Updated: Wednesday, July 25, 2012 21:07


The Battalion

While I'm sure that a few of you were unpleasantly surprised to discover that your Texas A&M application username becomes your Net ID and email address, I can assure you that none were more so than I.

During the application process, my mom decided to help me out by creating my login: "honeydew," stemming from an ironic nickname I was given as a child. Naturally, I was horrified when it became my email address, but was unaware that you could change it. So I didn't.

It was fine for the first semester because I didn't have to give out my email address, or say it out loud. Whenever I would print notes or assignments on campus, I would quickly snatch my papers from the stack and dispose of the cover sheets — always face down in the recycling bin — before anyone noticed. Then I became involved with a microbiology research lab and that changed.

 Suddenly, there were slews of people that needed my contact information, and not just any people... scientists. These scientists included Texas A&M professors, graduate students, Harvard researchers and a representative from the Smithsonian Institute. I do not consider myself to be easily embarrassed, but let me assure you that there is almost nothing worse than having to convince someone of your intellectual competence with an identifier like "honeydew."

Sadly, by the time I realized that you could change your Net ID (and, thus, your email address) my research days were long gone. Now, I am a senior and have decided to live with it. But hopefully it isn't too late for those of you with the same embarrassing predicament I experienced.


How to change Net ID

A&M offers the choice to change your Net ID, or create up to two e-mail "aliases," which are different from your original address, but all forward to the same inbox.

w To create an email alias:

1) Go to

2) Under "Net ID Account Management," select the third option down: "Manage your account information."

3) Log-in using your Net ID and password.

4) Click the "Edit" button under "Additional Email Address(es)."

5) Enter the email address that you'd prefer and click "Add."

w To change your Net ID

 (Be aware that when you change your Net ID, you may be unable to use your Net ID for 2-5 business days):

1)Create an e-mail address

2) Go to

3) Choose one of the aliases that you created to be your new Net ID.

4) Create a new password and

click "Submit."


Madeline Burns is a senior biology major.

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