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Opinion: Same old story

“West Side Story” performance failed to breathe new life into the beloved classic musical.

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Opinion: Manziel Mania

Johnny Football wows at personal pro day

From a president to rap music, the sights and sounds of Thursday’s pro day were endless, and if you have ever doubted the circus known as Johnathan “Football” Manziel, you can now stop.

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COLUMN: God's not dead (maybe)

Katie Canales: Cheesy film aside, the important part is how to decide for yourself

I fell in love with an atheist in high school. That ended well.

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Opinion: A win for speed

Sean Lester: A&M wins with the drop of 10-second rule proposal

In college football there are many chances for victories. Off the gridiron, recruiting holds countless chances for small wins that can lead to the ultimate prize of a national championship. 

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Opinion: Power surge

Texas A&M’s ability to hit for power will be key to surviving the SEC gauntlet

Throughout the early part of the season, the Texas A&M baseball team has displayed an ability to hit for power that has been unlike anything fans at Olsen Field have seen in recent years.

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Letter to the Editor

Reid Joseph is a man of integrity, and his impeachment is wrong

The impeachment of Reid is hurtful and confusing — he has been such a strong leader for this university, has been a man of his word, and is definitely a man of integrity. I have no doubt that Reid has done everything in his power to abide by SGA rules.

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Opinion: Stand with Reid

Enough nonsense. Here’s what you need to know about Joseph’s impeachment.

I’ve tried to stay away from putting my opinion in The Battalion during my editor-in-chief tenure — I didn’t want to take advantage of that opportunity. I feel like the less I say, the more people will listen when I finally speak up. This is one of those times I need people to listen.

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Opinion: #NSD2014

Signing day is a weird, creepy, wonderful cesspool

National Signing Day is the second-creepiest holiday celebrated in America. The creepiest is Columbus Day, and it’s not even close. It’s 2014 and this country still celebrates the guy who tortured and killed natives. That’s weird, America. Time to bump that one from the calendar.

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Opinion: In spite of it all

Vengeance is mine, probably

As the product of a good ol’ Southern Baptist hell-and-brimstone kind of upbringing, I internalized about three times the recommended dose of crippling guilt, shame and self-loathing. I don’t want to brag or anything, but I’m probably better at completely despising my entire being than anyone else in the whole wide world.

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Opinion: How much is your school pride worth?

With the 48th edition of the Super Bowl looming, it’s hard to pay attention to anything in the sporting world minus the incredibly unprecedented sound bites of the Seattle Seahawks cornerback, Richard Sherman. 

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Opinion: A delicate situation

In today's world, peace and quiet are hard to come by

With unnatural abominations like multi-colored goldfish crackers and margarine, it can safely be assumed that this world is a terrible place in which nothing is sacred or safe anymore. 

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Opinion: Left tackle U

Texas A&M has become hotbed for pro-caliber linemen

There are schools known for having a reputation of producing an infusion of talent at a specific position.

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Opinion: 'Her' asks audiences what love truly is

“Her,” directed by Spike Jonze, is an eccentric and quirky, yet poignant romantic comedy about a lonely futuristic geek, Theodore Twombly, and Samantha, Theodore’s spunky and sultry-voiced artificial intelligent operating system. Joaquin Phoenix stars as Theodore while Samantha is voiced by Scarlett Johansson.

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Opinion: The next generation

National title hopes don't follow Manziel out the door

Being an Aggie fan throughout the early 2000s was not the easiest task. 

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Opinion: These are the thing that really matter

Here at the end, I’m reminded of what got me to this point

For those about to graduate in a few days, this goes out to you.

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Opinion: Grow up and go HAM

The real world is for the birds — or pigs

I pride myself on my love of obscure music. Due to excessive exposure, I have even instilled a decent musical taste in my very sassy and very obese guinea pig. But when I get in the car, all bets are off. The pop station goes on, the radio volume goes up, the windows roll down and all self-respect immediately vanishes to hide among the fast food bags on my floorboard.

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Opinion: Middle of the pack

Lost in the SEC gauntlet, Sumlin’s extension means bright future

The fluidity of sports, and more specifically college football, was on full display Saturday with Texas A&M finding itself somewhere in the middle. 

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Opinion: Turkeys are the worsties

Thanksgiving's feast is a nightmare of a beast

My first pet was a salamander named Sam. He was only the beginning in a long line of furry, scaly and slimy friends — there were dogs, fish, hamsters, horses, cows, sheep, my little brother James, cats and a few lizards.Though I was on better terms with some of my animal companions than others (That’s right, Bella, you twerp of a cow. I’m looking at you), I pretty much radiate a smother-it-in-my-love kind of feeling whenever I come in contact with any animal. 

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OPINION: Selfless remembrance

Aggie spirit shined through after JFK’s passing 50 years ago

President John F. Kennedy would have loved Texas A&M. An avid sportsman, the late 35th president of the U.S. would have appreciated the love Aggies have for their sports and the work-a-holic drive that A&M ring-bearing students possess.

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Opinion: Catching Fire

New Hunger Games film delivers on acting, accuracy, cinematography

Before I begin, just as a preface, I am probably the most critical person I know when it comes to movies. My family and friends, and I am pretty sure everyone at The Battalion, kind of hates me for how much I will rip apart peoples’ favorite movies. Monday, I was offered the opportunity to go to the press screening of “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,” and as a huge fan of the books since 2008 I jumped on the opportunity. With that said, “Catching Fire” was by far the most accurate book-to-movie translation I have ever seen.

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Opinion: Don't sleep on Mike

Precedent and position handicap Evans' Heisman chances, but the numbers don't lie

Urban Dictionary describes the phrase “don’t sleep on” as a phrase used to describe a person who should not be underestimated. Fairly straight forward, but let me give you a more specific example: 

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Opinion: Curtain call

Prepare to say goodbye Saturday to Manziel, Evans, Loftin and more

I already have enough stories for the grandkids. I get to perch them on my knee and tell them about the old Ag in Tuscaloosa in 2012 — on the Bryant-Denny sidewalk with a half-smoked cigar and five-beer breath — who lost his ever-loving mind after Johnny Manziel toppled the Tide.

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Opinion: Top priority

All the Johnny news that's fit to print

Sports newscasters carry their heavy burden of journalistic truth and fight gallantly through the stats and the scores every week to bring us the news everyone cares about. This weekend, they picked up Saturday’s “Ask the Aggies” segment to let the nation know just who Johnny Manziel wants to party down with.

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Opinion: Gasp of air

A&M defense finally lived up to billing Saturday

One week removed from an upset loss against Auburn that left students disappointed and reeling, Saturday’s Aggie game day at Kyle Field had a different feel to it.

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12th Man

COLUMN: Standing tall

The 12th Man is — and will continue to be — a constant presence in Kyle Field

In life, only three things can be certain — death, taxes and a loud 12th Man. Odds are that a very large portion of the student body has experienced it before. The fuzz flying through the air from people waving their towels and people standing in the aisles watching the game because their row has filled up. Even hearing students yell, “Old Army does it twice,” just so they can chant, “Beat the hell out of [someone],” one more time.

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‘We look forward to many great games’

Letter to the editor:

My group of nine attended the Auburn vs. Texas A&M game this past weekend.

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Thank you for your support

Letter to the Corps of Cadets

On behalf of our Aggie Soccer players and coaching staff, I would like to personally thank you for your support at our recent home match on October 11 against Arkansas. Thank you so much for the great atmosphere you provided at Ellis Field!

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'Incredible hospitality' & 'A rich and proud tradition'

Letters to the editor: Auburn alumni

As an Auburn alumni, I had the pleasure of making the trip to College Station yesterday and witnessing an exciting SEC battle (and luckily for us, an Auburn victory). But beyond the football, I must remark on the incredible hospitality we were shown as visitors to your fine campus.

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Opinion: Relentless Pursuit

One Heisman may not be enough for Johnny Manziel, and the sophomore has good reason to fight for his

The Heisman Trophy has distinguished itself as the nation’s most prestigious individual award, not only among college football, but all sports. No other athletic honor holds the weight of the Heisman, and no other ever will.

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Opinion: Missed tackle

The Aggies' defense has struggled, but the numbers show its been worse than bad

It may not seem like it on the surface, but the same Texas A&M football team that still has a chance at a BCS bowl game has a very serious problem on its hands.

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Guest Column: Changing traditions

Grad students want a wildcat too

The question has come up recently about changing traditions on campus. Traditions are near and dear to the identity of Texas A&M, and found in the heart of every Aggie.

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Opinion: Drowned Dignity

The beer’s gone, but the pitcher is full of shame

There are, at the very least, two incredibly stupid people in the world.  

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Opinion: The price you pay

Campus cockroaches should buy their own meal

In my hometown, there’s this little shack right down the road from my house that sells the best barbecue in the world. I know this is a hotly debated topic, but just shove a slow cooked pork rib in your mouth and sit down.

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Opinion: Offensive efficiency

There's just too much to stop the Aggie offense

Through the first part of the 2013 season, Texas A&M has made it apparent that it can practically score at will. The offense utilizes each of its assets in every way imaginable. From throwing short screen passes to deep balls down the side line, from running inside to toss sweeps to the outside, the Aggies do whatever they need to do to put points on the board.

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Opinion: 'Gravity' represents a new movie experience

Sandra Bullock needs an Oscar for this role. “Gravity,” starring Bullock and George Clooney is a perilous journey four and a half years in the making.

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Opinion: She's not a (total) wreck

Miley Cyrus demands attention, and we give it to her

Miley Cyrus is releasing her new album “Bangerz” on Friday and I can’t help but wonder, are people going to listen to her songs because of all the ridiculous antics or because there is genuine interest and excitement for her music?

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OPINION: Second wave

A&M rush attack adds new dimension to offense

The Aggies proved something to the SEC and to the nation Saturday against Arkansas; they can play multiple styles of football. Coming off the 45-33 victory in Fayetteville, the Aggies proved that they are not just a one-man team.

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Opinion: Fourth & long

Tasked with writing about sports, the odds are stacked against me

Because we only had one television growing up, I spent a significant amount of my childhood weekends waiting for my father to begin snoring, the official cry of surrender that signaled he had relinquished the remote and, consequently, cartoon privileges to my little brother and me. All of this waiting left me with a lot of free time, and I ended up watching an impressive amount of football waiting for my dad to succumb to the comfort of his grimy blue recliner.

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Opinion: Down, but not out

Losing to Alabama hurts, but history proves A&M is not out of championship contention

It was being called the Game of the Century. Saban versus Manziel. Alabama against A&M.

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OPINION: Full Circle

Alabama has what A&M wants, but don't forget to welcome its fans

The worst I got was a hybridization of “Gig ’em” and a slur as politically incorrect as they come. The second-worst I got from an Alabama fan was a sign on the door of the Crimson Tide, season-ticket-holding family we were staying with that read, “The door is locked, enjoy the car.” But that note hung on an unlocked door.

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OPINION: Organized chaos

Unstoppable force meets immovable object as ideologies collide

The simple archetype of chaos versus order has dominated storytelling for centuries, serving as the foundation for narratives that have captured the imaginations of millions.

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Guest Column: Revenge theory

Alabama has a history with revenge games, but Texas A&M stands apart

The signs hung on the wall all offseason. In one frame was Julio Jones celebrating a touchdown and a scoreboard that read 24-0. In the other, Cam Newton smiling ear to ear, and a scoreboard that now read 28-27.

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Guest Column: Letter from GSC president

I am honored and privileged to serve as this year’s Graduate Student Council President. Although I, like many graduate students, am not a native Texan, I have fierce pride in my University.

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OPINION: The villan pecking order

Manziel doesn't compare to college football's true bad guys

To the general public, and to several college football writers who touched on it in the past week, Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel is a villain.
Think Scar in Disney’s The Lion King — hungry for a higher position and willing to do whatever it takes to get there.

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OPINION: In search of a secondary

Everett key to potential A&M cornerback renaissance

Texas A&M didn’t hire (and fans don’t watch) Kevin Sumlin because they want to see grind-it-out defensive games. We put up with the reality show that is Johnny Football because at A&M, we get to kiss our dates every time the team scores, and the Manziel-and-Sumlin show tends to score in bunches.

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OPINION: Johnny (will play) Football

An angry Manziel wins games and Heismans. So strap in.

I want nothing more than to write about football — the real kind that happens between the sidelines, with the maroon and white, with towels, sweat and hoarse voices.

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OPINION: Never a dull moment

Manziel’s media magnetism isn’t a bad thing.

Over the past few months, the media siege on Texas A&M’s football program has been relentless. An unyielding dialogue centered on college football’s most polarizing figure — Johnny Football — has dominated national editorials and news cycles with seemingly no end in sight.

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OPINION: Dessert before dinner

A&M can walk over Rice, but enjoy the cupcake while you can

Each football season, opposing teams are welcomed to Kyle Field in the first week or two of the season to fulfill a role. These teams aren’t NCAA Division I opponents, they are “cupcakes” on the schedule for the Texas A&M football team, serving as tackling dummies and learning assignments.

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A letter from your editor


Well Howdy.

Picking up this newspaper makes you awesome for two reasons. Reason 1: You are helping me keep my job, which is cool. Reason 2: You want to learn something new. (Or you just want crosswords and sudokus, in which case they’re on page 6.)

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Opinion: Pass the buck

Sell your sports pass if you must, but first understand what you're doing


I paid $225 for my 2013 football-only sports pass. That buys me the opportunity to stand alongside the largest student section in the nation (by proportion of total stadium capacity) for eight home games.

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Jenna Rabel

OPINION: Part of the plan

Sumlin offers little football insight at Saturday’s scrimmage, just as he intended

The Kyle Field intra-squad scrimmage was built entirely upon design. Every pass and handoff was prearranged beforehand, leaving no room for elaboration or creativity. Two weeks prior to Texas A&M’s home opener against intra-state rival Rice, the team’s public practice felt bland, almost tasteless, with a script for each and every motion.

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Manziel practice photo

COLUMN: Heroes and Heismans

Mark Doré: Sports and narrative go hand in hand, but good luck making sense of this one.

Sports talk benefits from depth, and everyone can appreciate a good story. Narratives help us make sense of a game to which meaning doesn’t always come easily. Players have little use for them, but since when have sports been about the players? Full story


Letter from the Student Body President

Howdy, Welcome back to Aggieland! It has been such an incredible summer with so many Aggies furthering their academics in school, traveling the globe to serve and study, and applying their skills through summer internships and jobs. I know that this momentum from the summer will contribute to what is sure to be a tremendous fall semester at Texas A&M. Full story

Guest Column: Code of Honor

Values define great institutions

I am not an Aggie. I am a Texan, however, and I am very familiar with A&M. I can also tell you that some of my best friends, relatives,
co-workers and, perhaps most important, adversaries, are Aggies. 

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MAIL CALL: Fish Camp-Bonfire

If I could have anything, I would want
to have a sit down with each and
every person involved in the taking
of those pictures. I want to tell them
what that memorial means to me.

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GUEST COLUMN: 'We lived it.'

Lack of Consideration, understanding led to memorial disrespect

The pictures that surfaced recently of Fish Camp counselors
taking lighthearted pictures at Bonfire Memorial
struck a nerve and have sent rumblings throughout the
Aggie community, raising the ire of many.

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OPINION: Johnny, be gone

Manziel wants out of College Station. Time to let him.

Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel is, once again, at the center of the sports world’s attention.

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OPINION: Stop the hating

Try walking in his shoes, Manziel deserves to be left alone.

As I laid there at 3:30 a.m. on June 16, observing a barrage of Twitter and Facebook “hate” feeds targeting Johnny Manziel, a burning urge in the pit of my stomach compelled me to give my thoughts on this entire fiasco stemming from Manziel’s tweet.

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Column: Tales from a disaster zone

Robert Carpenter: The people of West begin long, slow recovery

It’s a curious experience, using a shovel to remove the shattered remains of a grandmother’s possessions from her devastated living room.

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Thomas Storey

Column: Boxers or briefs

Robert Carpenter: Why do women let men run this student body?

The spring 2013 elections were decided well before the first ballot was cast: at Texas A&M, men win. And win big.

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Claybrook letter

SBP makes veto decision

Student Body President John Claybrook submitted an open letter to The Battalion detailing his decision to veto S.B. 65-70, The Religious Funding Exemption Bill. Full story

Editorial: Senate bill rebranding dilutes controversy, but doesn't atone

Wednesday is a big day for Student Senate — and not only because an isolated minority group deserves an apology. The Senate Finance Committee approved The GLBT Funding Opt Out Bill, which was renamed “The Religious Funding Exemption Bill” after Tuesday amendments. Full story

Column: Filling the gaps

Robert Carpenter: The handful of students who can save Silver Taps

I won’t hazard a guess as to the number of students who attended the March 5 Silver Taps. Instead, I’ll quote the unceremonious Facebook post of a friend: “You know new army's gone to hell when there's more slack-liners in Academic Plaza on Friday than there are Aggies there on Tuesday nights.”

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Column: The bridge to nowhere

Robert Carpenter: How student leaders abuse and misuse ‘traditional family values’

Four words uttered during the March 20 Student Senate meeting stood my hair on end and sent chills down my spine: “Traditional family values center.”

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Thomas Storey

Whoa, man

Elise Brunsvold: If you want equality, stop expecting men to hold the door

I examine the bus for an empty seat, fingers crossed, as I haphazardly attempt my morning coffee and iPod-balancing act. I’m late for class again, and the bus is full. I make my way to the back and stand next to three relaxed and very sedentary men. I can’t help it — the irritation amplifies. I’m a girl, after all. I should be the one sitting down, shouldn’t I?

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EDITORIAL: Ambiguous voting change should have had student body input


A change to the 2013 student body elections voting process prevented students from voting for more than one senior and one junior yell leader.

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OPINION: Much ado about nothing

Robert Carpenter: Why the Kyle Field referendum doesn’t mean what you think

It was the first announcement of Friday evening, quickly forgotten by the few hundred students waiting around Sul Ross for election results.

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Failure to lead

John Claybrook: Student Senate's false representation doesn't serve students

Among the optimistic, I lead the pack. I dreamed of a productive, working relationship with Student Senate after being elected last February. I recognized the great opportunity we were given to proactively address issues that impact students every day. Surely, I thought, we could all work together as our student body’s elected representatives.

I thought wrong.

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Letter to the Aggie family

From Firing Squad Commander, Ross Volunteer Company

I would like to wholeheartedly thank all those who came to Silver Taps on Dec. 4. Your selflessness to attend was truly something special to the family of the fallen Aggie we honored that night. Unfortunately we again must perform this incredible act of solidarity tonight, and while the Aggie family turnout for December was amazing, it was not enough. Full story

Guest Column: Praise to the English major

Jerome Loving: You might call that liberal arts major 'Boss' one day

I had been teaching at Texas A&M a number of years before I realized the kind of questions the typical Aggie English major has to put up with, even today. I realized this when my son became an English major at A&M. He never took a business course, but now he is a successful television executive and vice-president. Full story

Opinion: Distracted

Trevor Stevens: My cherished, rust-bucket truck wasn't the only thing I left at the crash site

It happens like that. Take your eyes off the road for one too many seconds and before you know it, you might be climbing out of the metal mess that used to be the best used Ford Ranger a 16 year old could have asked for. I loved that truck. We called it Gumby. Full story

Swan song

OPINION: Swan Song

Joe Terrell: Thanks for the memories

It’s time. Saturday morning signifies the end of my undergraduate career at Texas A&M. As I step across the stage, I’ll be moving through a sea of diverse memories and experiences I wouldn’t trade for anything. Putting my A&M adventure into words will be difficult, but I’ll try.

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Sex pic 2

Opinion: Worth the wait

Abstinence is more than the absence of sex

My average abstinence-only sexual education experience typically went like this: A (married) youth pastor would stand in front of a group of hormonally-charged teenagers and tell us “Sex is awesome. It’s the best thing ever. But it’s something you shouldn’t do until you’re married. Or God will be mad at you.” Or something.

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Sex pic

Opinion: Social stigma?

Sex-ed should teach safe habits, not abstinence only

Urban Dictionary defines the “walk of shame” as “the walk across campus in the same clothes as yesterday after you slept with someone and spent the night in their dorm room.”

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OPINION: The only vote that matters

Joe Terrell: How my first vote changed my outlook

I parted the curtain and stepped into a voting booth at the Brazos County Courthouse on Friday. Forty-five seconds later, I stepped out, heart hammering in my chest. As I exited, one of the polling volunteers slapped a cheap “I Voted” sticker onto my shirt, unaware of the intense personal drama that had just transpired within the confines of the voting booth.
It was my first time to vote.

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The runner's race

Although I didn't enjoy every workout, running is more than my 5:30 a.m. wake-up call

As a cross country runner I’ve been programed to function early in the morning before the rest of the world around me wakes up.

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The Reveal

Provocative Halloween costumes belittle and objectify women

As a woman, when I go shopping for Halloween costumes my choices are something like this: a sexy nurse, a sexy zombie or a sexy piece of fruit. The variety of characters available to me fills an entire warehouses, but they all have one thing in common; every costume is intended to render me as a sex object.

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The Oct. 23 op-ed “Scope Adjustment” by Robbie Cimmino misrepresents the “Texas A&M Personal Protection” bill, which, if passed by Student Senate, would formally request that licensed concealed carry (of handguns) be allowed inside campus buildings.

Full story

Guest Column: Scope adjustment

Robbie Cimmino: Concealed handgun carry bill should be reconsidered

The “Texas A&M Personal Protection Bill” was introduced into Student Senate and sent to committee for review at Wednesday’s Senate meeting. The bill calls on Texas A&M and the state to change the current policies related to concealed carry of firearms on public universities.

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Guest Column: Pass it back

Drew Nelson: Support your team with class, not booing

Howdy students! Saturday truly showed off the power of the 12th Man. Despite the outcome, it was a game day we can always look back on as one of the most anticipated and exciting of our college careers.

Full story

Half a percent

John Rangel: US deems point of national pride, icon of scientific milestones unimportant

Fireman! President! Astronaut! Travel to any American classroom and ask, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” and the responses will almost always be the same.
A fascination with space has gripped the imaginations of Americans both young and old ever since the glory days of Apollo and Gemini.

Full story

From the outside looking in

David Cohen: National identity can be established despite international origins

La sangre es mas espesa que el agua, or blood is thicker than water — so the saying goes. I had the opportunity to finally understand the underlying meaning behind this often-repeated phrase after I participated in the Venezuelan Presidential election on Sunday.

Full story

Opinion: Confessions of an undecided voter

Joe Terrell: Presidential debate failed to determine front-runner

In little more than a month’s time, I will have the opportunity to vote in a presidential election for the first time. I couldn’t be more excited at the prospect of exercising my democratic right by choosing a candidate who reflects my ideals and values. However, I currently have no idea which name I will mark on the ballot come Nov. 6. Full story

Opinion: A real drag

Health isn’t the issue in the decision to prohibit smoking

Does anyone have a light? Mmm, nothing like a cigarette after a hardy meal … of constitutional freedom. Too bad, those freedoms are being infringed upon by an updated University policy. Full story

Remembering 9/11

Nicole Ozoa: ‘The day started like any other’

Sept. 11, 2001, is a day that personally tugs at the heartstrings. At the turn of each September, many reflect on the question, “Where were you on 9/11?”Eleven years ago, I lived in Westchester County, N.Y., a suburban community about an hour away from New York City. Full story

Editorial: Ticket pulling decision forwent student input

An email sent Saturday evening through the Division of Marketing and Communication stated the system for pulling tickets would return to its originally intended format. Tickets are being distributed randomly per sections — four sections at a time, starting with the best section. Full story

Editorial: Respect fallen, their family

Silver Taps — one of the oldest and most hallowed traditions at A&M — serves to honor Aggies who have died while attending graduate or undergraduate courses at Texas A&M. In preparation for our Silver Taps editions of The Battalion, our reporters interview friends and family members of those being honored during that month’s ceremony. Full story

EDITORIAL: Campus marketplace

Join or contribute; we all have to do something

The count is approaching 1,000. That’s a lot of organizations for a single body of students. And about half of them will be under one roof Sunday afternoon. MSC Open House is back in the MSC for the first time in three years — an opportunity every student, involved or uninvolved, should take advantage of. Full story

President Loftin

Time of change

R. Bowen Loftin: Many reasons for excitement in A&M’s future

Howdy, Ags! As we get ready for a busy fall semester, let me share with you a few reasons why this is a great time to be an Aggie: Texas A&M brand PayScale continues to rank Texas A&M first among the state’s public universities and in the top 10 public institutions nationally on what graduates earn in their careers compared to their college costs, and Texas A&M is the only public university in the state to make Newsweek’s recent ranking of the nation’s “most affordable” universities. Full story

EDITORIAL: We are here to serve you

The 2012 fall semester is officially underway with more students stepping onto this historic campus than ever before — about 700 more students than last year’s record breaking fall semester. The thousands of freshmen officially added to the ranks of the Aggie family this week are now part of a new future, and a lot is changing around this University. Full story

OPINION: Texas A&M must pay attention to Penn State scandal

As Penn State heard the sanctions that the NCAA was imposing, nowhere in Monday morning’s press conference did the words “death penalty” appear. Yet what Penn State got for covering up 14 years’ worth of pain and shattering of children’s lives from the child sex crimes that former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky committed, was a life sentence.

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Glad to have you Aggies; please beat Florida

Let me start by saying congratulations and welcome to the Southeastern Conference.

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EDITORIAL: Protests empower students; may sway elections

Thousands of students crowd the streets of Mexico, protesting unemployment, blatant media bias and escalating violence from the drug wars. At least 30,000 children are involved with organized crime. Last year, a 14-year-old boy was sentenced to three years in prison for crimes committed for the South Pacific drug cartel.

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OPINION: Voice of our generation

Eminem’s next album in progress, promises depth

It’s been a couple years since Eminem resurfaced from his five-year hiatus from the spotlight, releasing chart-topping albums in 2009 and 2010. Now he said he’s back in the studio for his eighth solo album.

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The opinions, beliefs and viewpoints expressed by the various authors and forum participants in this paper do not necessarily reflect those of Texas A&M University, The Battalion or its staff.


Make your opinion known by submitting Mail Call or guest columns to The Battalion. Mail call must be fewer than 200 words and include the author’s name, classification, major and phone number. Staff and faculty must include title. Guest columns must be fewer than 700 words. All submissions should focus on issues not personalities, become property of The Battalion and are subject to editing for style, clarity and space concerns. Anonymous letters will be read, but not printed. The Battalion will print only one letter per author per month. No mail call will appear in The Battalion’s print or online editions before it is verified.

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Opinion Story


  • luis Zelaya

    Editorial: Senate should rectify mistake, confirm Zelaya

    Virtually every member of the Student Senate agreed Wednesday that curriculum and instruction graduate student Jose Zelaya was qualified to be Student Government vice president of diversity. Senators recognized Zelaya’s passion for representing marginalized and minority populations on campus, even applauding his commitment to the betterment of Texas A&M.

  • Opinion: Negative effects

    Kori Wilson: Race-based admissions unproductive at university level

    When the Supreme Court upheld the use of race-conscious admissions at universities in Grutter v. Bollinger in 2003, Justice Sandra Day O’Connor’s majority opinion was based on the assumption that a diverse student body produced educational benefits.

  • msc

    Opinion: Spirit of Aggieland complete

    Matt McCullar: Renovated MSC reinvigorates Aggie experience

    I sat in the newly renovated MSC on a warm Sunday afternoon. Although the building was crowded with students former, present and future, there was a familiar tone in the air.

  • the aggie war hymn

    Opinion: The Aggie War Hymn

    Frank Cox: A former head yell leader’s take on a tradition’s future

    There are two verses — not one — to “The War Hymn.”  For decades, we have sung the t.u. verse and repeated it, and sadly, it refers to t.u. more times than it does the Aggies.

  • Opinion: Generation split reveals misguided priorities

    As my time here draws to a close and I reflect on my years at A&M, I can’t help but feel a disconnect between our generation and those past.

  • sdf

    OPINION: Restore US freedoms

    Michael Rodriguez: Ron Paul’s message resonates with youth

    Ron Paul stopped in Aggieland last week to gain support as he continues his campaign for the presidency. As Paul travels through the country, he has generated most of his support from young voters, a phenomenon that hasn’t gained much attention, but could as the race heats up leading to the Republican National Convention in August.

  • wd

    Guest Column: A tradition of acceptance

    Sarin Regmi: Students can make A&M ‘home’ for those studying far from their families

    When the plane took off, I felt that I was going to miss something that was dear to me — an environment where I was happy and genuinely unconcerned about my being. I’ve never had such feelings while leaving College Station.

  • Outsourcing

    Guest Column: Outsourcing Aggies

    Gabriel Clark: A&M should take care of its own, including staff

    There was a meeting on March 21 in Rudder Theatre about “Outsourcing Custodial and Dining Staff at Texas A&M University.” As I sat in the room filled with hundreds of people — among whom were University President R. Bowen Loftin, Associate Provost for Diversity Christine Stanley and two custodians who I have known for majority of my college career — I listened to several heart-breaking testimonies.

  • Better off cloned

    Naila Dhanani: Embrace the potential benefits of cloning

    Fifteen years after the birth of Dolly, the first mammal cloned from an adult cell, debates still arise over the practice of cloning, particularly regarding the safety of consuming cloned animal products.

  • zarchry contruction

    Opinion: 70s style is out

    Michael Rodriguez: Zachry Engineering Center needs a facelift

    Most engineering students, in one way or another, find themselves in the Zachry Engineering Center while at A&M. The structure celebrates its 40th birthday this year, and while it has useful labs, classrooms and department offices, it desperately needs improvement.  

  • Opinion: Less talk, more action

    Michael Rodriguez: Respect the ‘student’ in student government

    Student Government Association has taken a lot of heat in recent weeks. After the election turmoil, SGA now more than ever needs to step up its campus-wide effort to earn the respect of the students of Texas A&M.

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