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Who you gonna call? Fillibusters!

Published: Sunday, December 5, 2010

Updated: Wednesday, July 25, 2012 21:07


Taylor Wolken

As criticism mounts over legislative gridlock, it appears the Senate is poised to filibuster legislation that would end filibustering.

In the most impressive display of bipartisanship since the opposition to health care, Senate Republicans and Democrats are teaming up in an effort to stop the legislation dead in its tracks.  

Republican senators complained, "We need the filibuster if we are to continuing campaigning as the party for smaller government and fiscal responsibility. Without the filibuster, who will we blame when we expand government and increase deficits? The filibuster also provides valuable face time for us to perform or get our message out to the voters. Without the free press time we wouldn't have the funds to travel to exotic junkets and pamper ourselves. Then what would we do? Craft legislation?"

Senate Democrats toed the party line, saying, "We fought tooth and nail to pass partisan legislation the majority of Americans didn't want. We aren't in the business of making it easier for Republicans to repeal it all. We may have lost seats in the midterm elections but our big government agenda is funding a whole new generation of poor, dependent, Democratic voters. We'll be back before you know it."

Cynical Americans are left clinging to their guns and religion while wondering if anyone in the Senate actually cares about our flagging economy, crushing unemployment numbers, record deficits, bloated entitlements, conflicts abroad, immigration woes, social ills, poverty, or obesity. Is there anyone in Washington willing to fight for the American people? Are there any new ideas left to be had?

 "I Report, I Decide," and my answer is no. The Senate doesn't care. No one has new ideas, and Americans don't want Washington doing anything fast anyway. They don't even read the legislation they pass as it is. To mediocrity and beyond!

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