Swan Song Jane Turchi

Special sections editor Jane Turchi came to A&M as a transfer student, but quickly found her place through studying abroad and The Battalion.

Like many graduates, my time in college was filled with late nights, long test days and studying, but as I look back on my time at A&M what I remember most happened outside the classroom. I feel so fortunate to have been encouraged and inspired by classmates, friends and professors. I learned so many things, not least of all to continue learning and always be curious.

From my first football game in the student section to watching this April’s Muster online, I experienced what it means to be an Aggie.

Graduation celebrations look unlike how I expected they would, but I have felt so thankful for the Aggie community that has gathered (digitally) to make the end of my college career memorable.

As I face uncertainties in the future, I am glad to know that my time at A&M has prepared me for overcoming challenges and finding new opportunities.

Coming to A&M as a transfer student, I feared I might miss out on being a part of organizations and traditions. I soon discovered how quick Aggies are to welcome someone new. Arriving at the Transfer Student Conference I began a conversation with a stranger who would soon become one of my best friends and roommate at A&M. It has been through A&M that I have made friendships that will last long after classes are over.

To students returning to Aggieland in the summer or fall, the best advice I can give you is to challenge yourself and try new things.

There are opportunities to find new challenges here in Aggieland. In kinesiology classes I learned things and challenged myself like I never thought I would. Taking a rock climbing class I overcame fears of heights and gained a whole new respect for the sport while making friends along the way. Taking a scuba diving class I am well on my way to gaining a diving certification with which a whole new world of possibilities is opened up for me.

Through the university’s study abroad programs I had the opportunity to spend 10 weeks taking classes in Valparaiso, Chile. Spending the summer outside of the country, I learned many things about Chile’s history and people, but I also learned about myself.

As a writer for the Battalion newspaper I have met fascinating people and been fortunate to share their stories.

Jane Turchi is an international studies senior and special sections editor for The Battalion.

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