Happy Birthday

Birthdays are just one of the celebrations that are had while sheltering-in-place.

Like many of you, my social media pages have become littered with conversations about the coronavirus. Most are chain posts accompanied by the hashtag "stay safe, stay home." However, there are a few posts that have become quite obnoxious. Examples of these posts include "My birthday is ruined" and "There go my summer plans.” Well, my birthday is at the end of the month, and by the looks of it, I'll be celebrating indoors as well, and guess what? I'm upset, too!

Just kidding, I'm not, and you shouldn’t be either.

Perhaps this all sounds a bit rude, but there are more pressing concerns. Such as, why is there a lack of medical supplies? How are the children who have no internet access getting educated? Why are people still going out, especially with their families? As a writer, I tend to be an overthinker, and now my thoughts overflow with frustration because of the continued selfishness.

Of course, there are Aggie seniors who had their final semester taken away. Then, there are those who have worked so hard for their Aggie Ring only to lose Ring Day. Those hopeful to return to campus for the summer have been informed that classes will continue in online format. Some of us are never returning to Texas A&M as students, and that’s a devastating thought.

However, there’s a benefit and reward for your sacrifice. As Aggies, committing acts of selfless service is built into our moral characters. We must set an example for those who still risk their health, as well as the health of others. This is an excellent opportunity to exemplify what it means to be an Aggie, and your sacrifices will help save lives.

This concept of accepting your sacrifice should extend to all Americans. The rules and guidelines set into place by the government didn’t intend for you to meet with friends at the park. They’re not intended for you to order fast food or to satisfy your laziness with excessive drinking. Most importantly, they were definitely not created to ruin your birthday, anniversary or vacation plans. I understand tomorrow is never guaranteed, but think of how many celebrations would've been saved if everyone had just followed the rules.

As expected, vacationers returning from their Spring Break adventures are now realizing the ignorance of their travels. The selfish decisions made by these Spring Breakers is unforgivable, especially considering the results of their actions. The warnings were clear, but as the death toll continued to rise, so did the legs of a party boy as he prepared for another keg stand.

In my hometown, San Antonio, the number of infected people continues to rise and is nearing 400. Here in Bryan-College Station, as of April 8 the number of infected is 108. These numbers will continue to grow. America is still early in this crisis, and many states speculate there will be several case spikes over the next few weeks.

Each time I log into my computer for class – barring a stable internet connection – I reminisce about my morning walks from Olsen Lot 100 to the Liberal Arts and Humanities building. Rain, wind or shine, this trek was made every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. A freshly brewed cup of coffee burned my lips as I walked into my 8 a.m. class, ready for another day at A&M. I miss doing things too, but I accept my sacrifice for the greater good.

Being sheltered at home has been a challenge for many; a glance at any social media outlet will tell you that. However, there is an opportunity to make a difference, not just for ourselves, but for so many around us: family and strangers alike. So, happy birthday, happy anniversary and sorry for your canceled plans, but you will survive missing out for one year. I know I will.

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