Voter Fraud and the Lack there of

According to The Eagle, the College Station Utilities and Training Facility is the most frequently visited polling location in Brazos County.

The United States has elected a new leader. Late Saturday morning, President-elect Joe Biden narrowly won the state of Pennsylvania, pushing him past the threshold of 270 electoral votes to become president. 

As I’m writing this, people all over the country are celebrating and rejoicing at the coming Biden presidency. However, that is not the case for many Americans. There are those, including President Donald Trump, who are refusing to accept the results of this election and are arguing that election fraud has taken place. As we know it, these claims are false, unfounded and unprecedented.

Let’s get started. 

Poll workers and watchers 

One of the biggest claims being made by the Trump camp is that Republican poll watchers were not allowed into polling places, specifically in Philadelphia. This is false. Republican poll watchers were allowed to observe poll workers. In fact, there was a picture taken of a poll worker by a Republican poll watcher showing that he was both allowed to observe and had a clear view of what was going on. 

The lower courts in Philadelphia even ruled in favor of the Trump campaign by letting poll watchers within six feet of workers as opposed to 20 feet. Unless I’m missing something here, I don’t see how that is disenfranchising poll watchers. 

People have also claimed that poll workers threw away ballots that were marked for Trump, and even filled in ones to favor Biden. This is simply not true. Here are more reasons why poll watchers, along with the rest of the country, should not be concerned: 

Poll workers were not allowed to have pens, meaning that even if they wanted to, they couldn't alter any results of ballots they were counting. Trash cans are not allowed at these polling stations, so they couldn't throw away ballots. Oh, one more thing, there is a 24-hour live stream observing poll workers. Need I say more? 


Dead voters? What? 

Another claim made by the Trump campaign is that 14,000 dead people rose from the grave to perform their civic duties in Michigan’s Wayne County. Spoiler alert — this is false. A list of just over 14,500 dead people went viral on Twitter, with the tweet claiming they all voted for Biden. These claims have been debunked. The initial author of the tweet even took the tweet down admitting his wrongdoing. There is no evidence that the state has counted any of these ballots. Also, some of the people on that list are still alive. They’re just, well, very old. 

Mail-in ballots: The elephant in the room

Mail-in ballots were counted very late (Nevada, I hate you) and once they were, an overwhelming percentage went to Biden. This has led many people to believe something shady is going on. 

The story that has received the most attention is that Biden picked up 138,339 votes overnight in Michigan. This was a clerical error made by the non-partisan group Decision Desk HQ. There was a typo regarding one county that originally showed Biden picking up 153,710 votes, when in fact, it was 15,371. That is quite an error, but it was swiftly corrected. 

Now let’s address the fact that so many mail-in ballots went to Biden and why. It really isn't that complicated. The DNC was relentless in its efforts to get supporters to vote by mail. Trump, on the other hand, did the exact opposite by encouraging his supporters to stay as far away from voting by mail as possible. Considering many people did not feel comfortable voting in person because they were in the middle of a global pandemic, it only makes sense that there was an unprecedented amount of mail-in ballots. I wonder if Trump would have done better if he had encouraged his supporters to vote by mail? Many of Trump’s supporters are elderly and probably didn't feel comfortable voting in person due to health concerns. It is possible that if he hadn't cast so much doubt on mail-in ballots, he could have gotten more votes from our senior citizens, which could have led to a different electoral outcome. I guess we’ll never know. 

Nonetheless, the sitting president waltzed into the White House press briefing room and made, as we know, unfounded accusations attacking this country’s great democracy. For the leader of the free world to do such a thing is abhorrent. I know in my heart that this country has the greatest democracy known to man and to cast doubt on that is insulting.

The voters have spoken, and we must trust the process — without it, we are left with nothing. We must come together as one country, one people and move forward to the next chapter of our great nation. 

Let me make one last thing clear — I do not care who you voted for. Your voice deserves to be heard. Every vote should be counted, and if there are any illegally cast ballots they should be immediately voided. But while I dread the coming legal battles, I also look forward to them, for I am confident the result will be this: Democracy, not voter fraud, prevailed in this election.  

Sam Somogye is a political science senior and columnist for The Battalion. His column is typically published online every other Monday when not in the Thursday newspaper.

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I believe that most Americans just want to feel that whoever is elected was done so through due process and fairly. One thing that sticks out to me in your article is the statement that poll workers are not allowed to have pens. Maybe you were just referring to Philadelphia, but most poll workers have access to pens. here's reference to 5 videos to prove that point

1) - :24-:31 seconds many pens are clearly visible

2) - at 1:55 there is a person on the right side clearly marking with a pen

3) - pens being used by workers through whole video

4) - :22 seconds he picks up a pen

5) - the lady on the right is standing there with a pen

You finish the paragraph with - "Need I say more?" I'd say yes to clarify or correct your statement there. Which makes me wonder what else is unclear or in error in your article that I just didn't bother to check? And thus the basis of people questioning whether the information shared with the public demonstrates that there was a fair election.


Sam, recognizing that this is an opinion piece and proof sources are not required. Yet, it provides credible evidence of what you state as fact.

Both sides need to prove it.


You seem rather dismissive of the concerns over voter fraud and you are also ONLY presenting one side of the equation. Let's take PA for example. Yes, there was a court order - but in Philadelphia, that court order was ignored for more than 12 hours. Why was that?

As for moving poll watchers closer, yes - they were moved closer and the poll workers turned their desks around so that being closer proved to actually be worse from an observations standpoint. Why did they do that?

Final point - you cherry picked your examples. There are literally hundreds of additional accusations. Most will undoubtedly be proven as not fraud. But some will also undoubtedly be proven as fraud. For example, a Judge in PA was indicted for voter fraud and changing votes in May of 2020. Voter fraud happens. The question is the scale. In this cycle - we have five states with voter differentials of less than 1% and (currently) 3 states with less than 15K vote differentials.

It wouldn't take much too hide 10K votes in each of a dozen precincts across the US. If there is nothing to hide - why do you and the Dems oppose a recount and audit. The proven/admitted software glitches are enough to warrant that on their own. Michigan admitted to a more than 10K software glitch all on their own - and that software is used in all of the contested states and in nearly all of the disputed precincts.

Count all of the votes - but only the legal votes and do so in the daylight - not in the dark.

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