JAWNY For Abby

JAWNY released his album "For Abby" on October 27.

On Oct. 27, JAWNY, formerly known as Johnny Utah, released his first album “For Abby," which consists of 10 tracks. However, whoever keeps up with JAWNY’s releases would know that the majority of the songs were released as singles before the album was dropped, with some released back in 2019. Anyone hoping for copious amounts of new JAWNY tracks will be disappointed by this album.

If any album needs to be played in order, it is this one. The first track is not a song, but instead a short monologue of JAWNY trying to contact his ex-girlfriend who had blocked his number. While talking, he explains he put together some songs for her in hopes of her taking him back.

The album continues to the track “Sabotage,” which is basically an entire track explaining all of the ways JAWNY sabotaged his relationship. This was one of the tracks previously released before the album drop. Nevertheless, it is one of JAWNY’s best songs — a complete banger. The song is a story about young love and the mistakes often made in these relationships due to immaturity.

The next track on the album is “Super Bad Mantra.” This track isn’t really meant to be super deep; it is mostly just about admiring a super confident and good-looking woman. Honestly, if you don’t think this track is good then you just don’t like music. This track is upbeat and fun and really can relate to pretty much anyone.

The next track on the album, “You Got A Man,” is about someone realizing their partner has been using them. It explains the partner in this track lied about being single because they enjoyed the gifts and effort from the man they weren’t committed to. After finding out they are already taken, the guy who has been trying to get them does not care because he just wants to be involved with them in some way. The track balances on the thin line between heartwarming and depressing.

The album continues with “Trigger Of Love,” which talks about the power the other person can have in a relationship. The title explains someone can either pull a trigger, making someone else fall in love with them, or pull a trigger to end it all. The analogy greatly explains how scary love can be and the true uncertainty of relationships.

The album then continues on to JAWNY’s most popular track: “Honeypie.” This track blew up on TikTok a few months ago and really brought JAWNY into the mainstream. Though he still does not have a great deal of monthly listeners, he has definitely been gaining popularity since. This track deserves all of the love it has gotten, as the beat and melody are both so upbeat that it really is hard not to dance along.

Overall, it was kind of disappointing to only see a few new tracks on this album, but it is also nice to have all of JAWNY’s great tracks in one place now. If anyone is ever looking for a feel-good, positive artist, give this album a listen.

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