Elderbrook released their album "Why Do We Shake In The Cold?" on September 18.

On Friday, Sept. 18, Elderbrook released a new album titled “Why Do We Shake In The Cold?” Yet again, Elderbrook was able to create an album full of such range that listeners could listen while either focusing and doing homework or engaging in an intense workout. Elderbrook is an underrated artist and hopefully this album will bring such a talented musician to light.

The track “All My Love” begins the album with an emphatic start. Though not lyrically strong, the beat grabs the listener’s attention, the trombone retains it and the melody entices the listener to keep going to the next track. “All My Love” then flows almost seamlessly into “Numb.” The transition between the two songs gives the feeling of what it is like to give someone unconditional love and for them to just walk away, leading to the feeling of numbness. “Numb” even gives the listener the feeling of numbness while listening to it. As the song progresses, the listener is driven into a trance.

This trance is then broken with the next track, “I’m A Fool.” This more abrupt transition simulates what it is like to break out of the trance of numbness and finally begin to realize what went wrong in a past relationship. The rambling verses of the song that sound muffled can be compared to what it feels like to be hearing the thoughts in the brain of all of the mistakes that have been made, whether that be staying with that toxic person or being the toxic person and realizing you have messed up.

There is a change of pace with the song, “My House.” After making such realizations in the last track, now the album is onto that feeling of acceptance and excitement after getting over a failed relationship. “I just want the fast car, I just want the big house” highlights the excitement by stating the sky's the limit and there is a whole future ahead, whether that special person is present or not. The track is the most catchy on the album and incorporates a little bit of funk, which stays true to their general unique sound.

The next track, “Something About You,” is another upbeat song that matches the tone of the subject. This track is about meeting someone new who sparks excitement about a potential relationship. The excitement in this track is intensified by the upbeat feel and strong melody. Rudimental is featured as well, and the two compliment each other to create a successful track.

The entire album is pretty lengthy, so not all of it could be covered, but the rest of the tracks embody a great deal of what Elderbrook has sounded like in the past. The album doesn’t have a weak track, and no one could go wrong listening to any of the songs. Definitely listen in order, however, if you wish to get the whole understanding of the story that is present throughout the album.

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