Bob Moses and ZHU released the album "Desire" on August 28.

On Friday, Aug. 28, Bob Moses released a new album titled “Desire.” Many may know Bob Moses because of his song “Tearing Me Up,” which is one of his most catchy releases. Though that song may compare to Chet Faker’s creations, his new album veers away from the quality of this hit song.

The album begins with the song titled “Love We Found,” which starts the album at a rather slow pace. Around 30 seconds in, the song does start to pick up and appears promising. However, any hopefulness begins to fall apart as the listener gets halfway through the song. The entire second half of the song feels like Bob Moses was just trying to fill time at this point. It feels as though the second half is almost an exact repeat of the first half. Overall, the track is not bad, but it’s not anything more than background music for studying.

The album continues on to the title song, “Desire,” which has a similar sound to the beginning of “The Intro” by The XX. A word of advice: just pretend to be listening to the song by the XX instead of this one, because it is much better. Though ZHU was also featured in this song, it still didn’t have much depth to it. The instrumentals are weak and repetitive and the vocals are borderline depressing. Yet another six-minute song that feels as though it never ends.

The song “Hold Me Up” begins and seems to be more hopeful than the last. Though the song still lacks depth, the beat is at least entertaining. However, this song is sadly one of the shortest on the album, most likely because they were unable to keep up the interest of the listener by going any further. Greatly slowing down at the end, the melody begins to sound like Tame Impala’s “Solitude Is Bliss.”

One element that can be commended on this album is the transition between “Hold Me Up” and “Outlier” because it is perfectly seamless. The song itself fits the rather flat feel of the rest of the album, but it does have some redeeming qualities. There are more elements in the vocals and beat of this song that makes it almost playlist worthy. About halfway through, the beat evolves into something slightly more funky, thus making this song one of the most interesting on the album. Although, that is not saying much.

Overall, this album felt miserably unoriginal and it really cannot be recommended for anything more than background music to play while doing homework. However, do not let this album deter you from listening to Bob Moses’s song “Tearing Me Up,” as it seems as though more time may have been spent on that track. This album will not be the worst anyone ever listens to, but it is definitely not on par with many of other recent album releases.

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