"Hitch" is a romantic comedy that was released on Feb 11, 2005.

During this uneasy time, many are turning towards the film industry for an escape from reality. Directed by Andy Tennant, “Hitch” is a romantic comedy that brings an uplifting and heartfelt atmosphere. This upbeat film was released in 2005 and recently celebrated its 15 year anniversary.

“Hitch” is an adventurous film set in New York City to bring in the romantic setting. Will Smith plays Alex “Hitch” Hitchens, a respectable gentleman who coaches other men on how to win a woman’s heart. Hitch may be able to help other men get the woman of their dreams, but when tasked with finding love for himself, it does not go the way he thought it would. His cool and charming facade completely dissolves when he meets Sara, played by Eva Mendes, and he becomes what he was before his days as a pickup artist: a complete dork.

This film is engaging and brings back the nostalgia of the early 2000s, specifically through the New York City setting and the soundtrack, which contains John Legend’s popular 2005 rendition of the song “Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing.” The humor sprinkled throughout the film creates genuine laughs because of the embarrassing, relatable moments the characters go through, like a date gone wrong or a miscommunication.

This film illustrates how the ways of our society can be changed by having a positive mindset. Kevin James assumes the role of Albert Brennaman and is a perfect example of a hopeless guy who needs Hitch’s help to get a girl completely out of his league. Hitch helps Albert obtain a positive mindset which will help him get the girl. Not only is the comedy relatable, but it also makes the film light-hearted and fun to watch.

The romance aspect of this film is not what one would expect. Yes, it includes romance and every character introduced throughout the film is somehow involved, not just the main character. “Hitch” is a rom-com, but the romance is not overbearing. The comedic and romantic aspects of the film level each other out to create an exciting and fun film.

There are times where Smith carries the scene with his acting performance, while his screen partners do not live up to the same degree of his phenomenal acting. Smith does play the main character so his acting does not come as a surprise, but his performance is more noteworthy than the others. James does exhibit a good performance through humor and clumsiness, and his character plays an important role in making this film a comedy. Some parts throughout the film are comically cringey, but that’s just what comes with the genre.

“Hitch” is an amusing film and should be on everybody’s quarantine watch list to take away from the heaviness circulating throughout the world right now. After all, laughter is the best medicine.

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