I was deeply disturbed to hear that Richard Spencer, a white-supremacist, racist Nazi, has plans to speak at Rudder Tower in December. Major General James Earl Rudder fought bravely against the Nazis. In a recent speech before a conference for the National Policy Institute, Mr. Spencer spoke about topics that align wholesale with Nazi rhetoric, to the point that people in the audience at that speech were performing Nazi salutes. Mr. Spencer said in that speech, and I quote, "Heil Trump, heil our people, heil victory." 
It is grossly inappropriate to the point of nausea to think about Spencer speaking in Rudder Tower. That is a slap in the face to the memory of James Earl Rudder. 
I am not an advocate for censorship and I believe most strongly in First Amendment rights. Mr. Spencer can exercise his first amendment rights however he chooses, but Texas A&M is not an appropriate place for him to have a platform.
Our school has had a troublesome past when it comes to diversity, to say the least. Recent events, like the incident where the black student visiting our campus was confronted by white students who showed off Confederate flag earrings is good example of how far we still have to go. 
Giving Spencer a platform at Texas A&M risks damaging the reputations of the thousands of students who are attending and have graduated from this fine institution. If Spencer is allowed to speak, how many of us will be forced to remove our degrees from A&M from our resumes or risk being associated with Nazism?
Please consider the memory of James Earl Rudder, the reputation of Texas A&M University and the reputations of her students and alumni as this important decision is weighed. 
Best regards, 
Esther Roseann Robards-Forbes
Class of '05

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