Sully Letter to the Editor

Mickey Coe, Class of 1966, is a veteran of the United States Marines Corps.

Recently, a classmate of 1966 sent me a petition for removing the Sully statue. Either someone at Texas A&M is not teaching history and tradition anymore or the students just aren’t learning. 

I am going to put in my two cents to whomever came up with this hairbrained idea.  

First, the petition mentions that “t.u. removed statues of four confederate generals back in 2017.” I couldn’t care less what t.u. does with its statues. 

Second, our students are different from any university in the world. Texas Aggies don’t have  African American, Mexican, Asian or “other” students. Not short, tall, fat, skinny, with or without glasses. We only have Aggies. Just ol’ Aggies. It’s been like that forever and will continue forever if students are taught to understand that.  

 Third, the petition says “it is time to take down this statue and show our Black community and the world that Texas A&M is ready to move on from the past, and look towards a more inclusive future.” We don’t need some left wing definition of being “inclusive” or what black students think. We also don’t need a revision of our great history as a university to show inclusiveness.  

 Look up who Sul Ross was: There would be no Texas A&M without him.  

Sul Ross was a great general for which high schools and universities have been named who revere his leadership and stature. His beliefs were of the times. Even though times change, that doesn’t mean we hide from our great history. We can look at him as a man of honor who fought for his beliefs just like we have through history. We recognize times change as we go forward but we see no need to hide our statues remembering those who served honorably as Americans, regardless whether they served the North, South, Black or White. All people should be honored, regardless of who you agree with.

As a former commander of Marines, I always knew I only had Marines -- not African-Americans, Asians, Mexicans, or something else. They were Marines, just like Aggies. There is no color nor separation of people. We are one nation and one school under God who does not separate us.  Do not let this petition separate Aggies like so many others attempt to do in other places. This is Aggieland, our home for everyone. 

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Sullivan made great contributions to Texas A&M and Prairie View A&M - his place in history and his role at Texas A&M will remain independent of where a statue is placed. However, by participating in the Confederacy he is complicit in not standing up for his fellow man at a critical time in history. The bar should be high for being placed at the heart of our campus and Sullivan does not rise to this standard. Jeff Geiser '93

Don Marshall

Jeff, you are the product of the our politically left educational system.

Lawrence Sullivan Ross epitomizes what it is to be a true Texan. In his short 59 year life he served Texas as a ranger, sheriff, rancher, soldier, legislator, Governor, and head of miniscule college located on a prairie south of Bryan, Texas. His work not only saved the failing school, but built it into a viable educational institution. Aggie traditions ( intercollegiate football, the Aggie Band, the Singing Cadets, the Aggie Ring, the Ross Volunteers, the Battalion) all started during his tenure. He gave the last years of his life improving the school, adding requirements for English, mathematics, science, and history. He personally interviewed applicants because student success was critical part of TAMC's success. Remove the statue and you remove the heart of TAMU. If you have a problem with it, the old saying still applies, " Highway 6 runs both ways."

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