Sul Ross Pennies

Regarding the article about removing the stop at the Lawrence Sullivan Ross statue during Elephant Walk I have a few questions about the stated reasons for this change.

The article states that Julia Tisch stated the statue will not be a focus of the walk because student groups have recently expressed discomfort with Sully's past as a Confederate general. Fair enough, which groups and what kind of discomfort? She also stated that there are a "bunch" of students who have still yet to feel like A&M is their home because of certain traditions that they don't feel included in. My questions are how many is a "bunch" and in which certain traditions are they not included? Facts would be a good thing to provide when altering or deleting something considered a tradition.

I am not opposed to change, I am opposed to knee jerk reactions when individuals or groups claim discomfort or don't feel like A&M is their home because of certain traditions. Remember that traditions are events that many people hold close to their heart. To promote inclusion by excluding the stop at Sully is foolish.

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