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Fish Camp is deeply saddened by the experiences of the survivors of sexual assault that occurred while they were participants or members of our organization. Our organization condemns any and all forms of assault, harassment, abuse of power and failure to follow proper protocol by any of our members. We do not tolerate the behaviors of individuals that do not follow our mission, vision, and values. Fish Camp’s mission and promise to the Aggie Community is to welcome freshmen by creating a universally accepting support system. As an organization dedicated to serving the incoming freshmen class, we take our values of integrity, compassion and unity seriously.

As an organization, Fish Camp is continuing to take steps to ensure that all of our members are trained and prepared to positively serve the freshmen class at Texas A&M. Members are expected to be able to identify behaviors that break university rules and follow the protocols in place by the university and Fish Camp to address them. We are committed to improving our work in sustaining a support system for all. We will continue to partner with content experts in order to shape our organization and university community.

Fish Camp stands with and believes all survivors. We recognize that every survivor’s experience and response is different. We encourage anyone who has experienced this to choose the route that is best for them. If you are a victim of any sort of sexual assault or sexual harrassment, we encourage you to

seek out services through:

- Texas A&M Student Assistance Services (SAS)

- Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

- In order to report incidents to the University, you can go through the Title IX office and make an online report here:

Thank you,

Fish Camp ‘21 Director Staff

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