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I was planning on voting for Elizabeth Warren not long ago. Over the last few months, however, I have slowly shifted my support into a different camp. Come March 3, I will be casting my vote for Senator Bernie Sanders. Previously, I thought there were few differences between Sanders and Warren. However, recent policy differences and political attacks have solidified my choice. Also, Joe Biden has lied about not supporting social security cuts, and continued gaffes on the campaign trail demonstrate how Sanders is the more electable candidate. So, let’s explore why Sanders is the best candidate for leftists, liberals and moderates in the 2020 Democratic Primary.

I should probably address the elephant in the room. Bernie Sanders is not the secret sexist the Warren campaign may have you believe. Sure, thinking Sanders said running as a woman would be difficult is reasonable. However, him telling Warren a woman couldn’t win the presidency is preposterous. Sanders has argued that women could be presidents since 1988, just one example of how he has been consistent for more than 40 years in politics. Warren, on the other hand, was a registered Republican until 1996. And while some may see Warren’s political shift as open-minded, she has lied in different contexts. Look no further than when she misrepresented her Native American heritage – or lack thereof. Given the two candidates’ respective histories, I am more inclined to side with Sanders.

Sanders and Warren differ relatively little in their policies. However, the former is the more progressive candidate. Take the wealth tax, for example, a proposal that has widespread support. Sanders’ wealth tax starts at incomes above $32 million compared to $50 million in Warren’s plan. Additionally, Sanders’ policy has more brackets with higher tax rates, meaning his plan garners more revenue and covers more people. Both candidates’ ambitious plans like medical debt and student loan forgiveness will require a significant amount of money, and Sanders has a better idea to pay for those policies.

Furthermore, Warren has distanced herself from Sanders’ Medicare for All bill by releasing her transition plan. However, the new policy is problematic for several reasons. For one, her plan calls for implementing universal health care in two bills – a public option and Medicare for All. This proposition is problematic because every Republican and many Democrats will oppose Medicare for All. Granted, Sanders’ bill will face significant opposition from the Democratic establishment and the Republican Party. Moreover, he has made it clear passing that Medicare for All will require a political revolution. But compared to Sanders’ plan, Warren’s proposition will need a miracle to pass not one, but two contentious bills.

Sanders doesn’t just face other progressives – he also has to contend with centrists like Joe Biden. The former vice-president’s most significant selling point to voters is his electability. However, his long Senate record and continuous gaffes indicate Sanders is more likely to beat Trump. For example, Biden has lied about consistently opposing Social Security cuts while in the Senate. Biden will tell you he has tried to expand Social Security. However, Biden is on video arguing for Social Security cuts. His record will not sit well with older voters, and he is already losing support among this demographic to Sanders. In a general election, Trump can weaponize Biden’s record to sway many elderly voters in major swing states, such as Florida. With Sanders, the incumbent president does not have the same attack route.

Biden’s various gaffes also present potential issues. In a debate against Trump, the former vice president’s incoherency will place him at a significant disadvantage. For example, while Biden rambles on about record players, Trump will be mocking “Sleepy Joe.” And while many argue Trump will refer to Sanders as a socialist or “Crazy Bernie,” he’ll call every Democrat a socialist and come up with cute nicknames for all of his opponents. Also, Sanders has made it clear he can hold his ground in contentious debates. He has defended himself from Warren’s sexism accusations and attacked Biden and Buttigieg's billionaire donors. Trump would obliterate Joe Biden, but Sanders’ past debate performances suggest he could hold his own against President Trump.

For those of you still trying to make up your mind before March 3, consider where you stand policy-wise. If you’re a progressive, Sanders has more progressive policies and will not back down, unlike Warren. Her Medicare for All transition plan cedes significant ground to moderates like Biden and Buttigieg, and it makes passing universal health care more difficult. For other liberals, Trump will obliterate Joe Biden in a general election. His long record, corruption accusations and gaffes in debates will be a field day for Trump. So, consider voting for Bernie Sanders.

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Rich Hansen '69

The President refers to Senator Sanders as a socialist because that is what he is. For everyone who is considering voting for the liberal left, please remember that all of the promised free stuff is not free. Someone has to pay and, just maybe, someday you will be a productive citizen earning a living and will have second thoughts about the government taking your money to pay the freight for those unwilling to do what it takes to make a living and pay their own bills.


With all due respect Rich, wanting our tax dollars to go towards things that affect 99% of people. Sanders is a Democrat Socialist just like MLK Jr and FDR. That means our taxes helping the majority of people not subsidizing the rich and corporations. We already have Socialist programs in place: Medicare, social security, military, police and fire departments, public schools and infrastructures for transportation. Sanders doesn't want to control everything and make our shoes and clothes. So we're not going to turn into extremists here. Remember Donald Trump campaigned on the same things Bernie has championed for years, a populist message: universal healthcare, draining the swamp, not giving tax cuts to the rich and corporations, bringing home our troops and stopping the war, better wages, affordable medicine. He failed to deliver. Bernie Sanders has fought for over 40 years. He is known as the Amendment King. He's worked together with Republicans and Democrats to better take care of people. He is considered a low-end millionaire because of hi recent published book, but his tax plan would tax him higher. He isn't bought by lobbyists and big money. He's honorable and honest.

Don't buy into Establishment Democrats and media fearmongering.


Since The Battalion thought it was necessary to post this, I feel that it is my duty to at least discuss some of the things posted in this article. I am going to ignore the author’s opinion based arguments, as well as the “consistency” of Bernie Sanders argument (which can be debated another time), but I will instead focus on some of these policies the Author listed.

Firstly, I have always failed to understand why the government FORCEFULLY taking money from people, because they EARNED more of it, is a good thing. Most importantly this is a violation of personal freedom and the concept of the free marker economy (2 parties mutually agree to partaking in a transaction), but also this doesn’t even work effectively. The reason the free market economy has been the SINGLE MOST successful human invention for bringing people out of poverty, is because it takes advantage of human nature. The free market utilized the reward system (the harder and smarter I work, the more money I receive). Without that reward system, I would not work harder, and nobody else would.

Secondly, to think that higher regulation in the medical industry would improve it is based on false premises. When Obama increased regulations, prices went up and innovation/competition went down. If you don’t believe these things, let me suggest a simple analogy. Food is more of a necessity than healthcare, yet it is still a commodity. Why is this? Because competition makes things cheaper. Not being able to ask a doctor how much an x-ray would cost, eliminates competition and drives up prices.

Socialism has never worked and it never will. Pick up a history book first, to learn about freedom and god-given rights. Then pick up and economics book and learn why the free market works.


Id love to have a "free marker economy" markers are really expensive. If this is part of Bernie's policy platform count me in!


You went through the time to read that whole thing and that’s the best you’ve got? I’ll take it

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