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It’s the creepiest time of year, but things can really get scary when you think about how much money you’re about to spend on Halloween. Candy, costumes and decorations add up fast. The National Retail Federation (NRF) predicts the individual consumer will spend an average of $86.27 this Halloween. Which is a lot of money when you’re working with a college student’s budget. And what happens if you need more than one costume for a party with friends or an event held by organizations you’re a member of?

Better Business Bureau serving the Heart of Texas is here with money-saving tips to make sure the only things scaring you this Halloween are goblins and ghouls.

  • Shop at home. Seeing what you already have can help you save money and avoid taking up space. Try to think of costumes you can make with items you already have in your closet. If you’ve decorated for Halloween before, reusing decorations is another way to avoid unnecessary spending. 

  • Rent a costume. If you want a more elaborate costume, but don’t want to buy one you’ll only wear once, renting is a good (and cost-effective) option. Be sure to pay attention to the dates on the rental agreement and check the condition of the costume before paying. Discuss any damages you find with the owner to avoid being charged for them. 

  • Watch for sales. Sales and coupons can be your best friend while budgeting. Signing up for email alerts from stores you like can help notify you when those sales are happening. You can also compare prices between different stores and online retailers to see who sells items cheapest.

  • Check return policies. Always check a store’s return policy to avoid ending up unwanted or damaged goods. However, it is important to remember that buying items with the intention of returning them after October 31 is considered fraud.

  • Shop safe online. When shopping online for you Halloween needs, be sure you’re shopping on a secure site. You’ll know it’s secure by the ‘s’ in the ‘https’ at the beginning of the URL and the lock symbol. It is also safer to use your credit card rather than a debit card, in the event you need to dispute a charge.

  • Attending events. If haunted houses or other events are part of your Halloween plans, check reviews on the event and the company hosting it. This will give you a feel for the experience others had there. You can also check out the host company at bbb.org by viewing their business profile.

Have a great Halloween, from all of us here at Better Business Bureau serving the Heart of Texas!

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