Swan Song Angelina Alcantar

Photographer Angelina Alcantar graduates on Wednesday, Dec. 9 at 9 a.m.

Texas A&M University was not at the top of the list of colleges that I wanted to attend. It was not even my second choice. When I started my first semester, I did not think that I would ever find my place on campus and was nervous about finding my way around.

I am a first-generation college student as well as a first-generation Aggie. I had no idea what Texas A&M was about or what the traditions were.

During Howdy Week, before the first week of classes, my suitemates and I were exploring campus and the Memorial Student Center. We stumbled upon a floor between floors, somewhat in the basement of the MSC. It was the student media office.

I applied for the Aggieland Yearbook and I never looked back. At one point during a yearbook meeting, I realized I had found my people and my place at A&M. Eventually, I applied to The Battalion to find and work with another group of people.

I have loved working for the Aggieland Yearbook and The Battalion. These were the people I loved being around and they were all so encouraging. I knew I would not find anyone like these people elsewhere on campus.

Throughout my years on campus, I used the bus system to my advantage because I did not have a car. It was easy to find my way around after a couple of rides off-campus and this place became home.

While this year has not been the perfect way to end my time at Texas A&M University, I am grateful I was able to finish my final semester on campus. It was a back-and-forth decision on whether I would go back to campus even though all of my classes were online. As it grows closer to my graduation date, being on campus for my final semester has allowed me to say goodbye to my home.

I might be graduating in the worst year possible under non-ideal circumstances without a job lined up, but I do have a few ideas for my future.

Every time I came back to campus from break, it was like a breath of fresh air. College Station has been my home for the past three and a half years and I have loved every second of it.

Thank you to my Mom, who allowed her one and only daughter to get up and move three hours away. And thank you to my Grandpa for always telling me the latest “‘Aggie Joke”’ that he has heard.

I cannot wait to find my next home.

Angelina Alcantar is a university studies journalism senior, photo editor for The Aggieland and photographer for The Battalion.

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