"WandaVision" began streaming on Disney+ on Jan. 15.

Jan. 15 brought the release of “WandaVision,” the first of Marvel Studios’ planned series for Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Currently, the show is five episodes into its eight-episode season and it has been a wild ride for viewers.

The show follows Wanda Maximoff and Vision “Vis,” two of the titular Avengers from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or MCU. Wanda and Vis are settling into their new suburban life in Westview as the main characters of a sitcom also called “WandaVision.” The dynamic duo tries its best to live peacefully and happily while hiding from the townsfolk that she has magical powers and he is an android. As is expected of a sitcom, shenanigans ensue, from a nearly disastrous dinner with Vision’s boss and accompanying wife to a community talent show with a hilarious performance. However, more is going on in the town than simple hiccups. Occasional glitches in reality hint to the star couple that their idyllic lives may not be so picturesque after all and something sinister is occurring behind the scenes.

Currently, the main complaint against the show is its slow pacing. In one way, this gripe is understandable. “WandaVision” has yet to show any of the fast-paced action scenes the other installments of the MCU are known for. To some, this lack of action may be a turn-off as fights and chases are usually something that can be counted to entertain in MCU cinema. However, the lack of physical action only paves the way for the narrative to shine more intensely. With each episode, the stakes are raised just a little bit more, audiences are given a few more answers and many more questions are born. It is a change of pace for Marvel Studios, but it is a welcome one that ensures viewers Marvel doesn’t need a big spectacle to make a compelling story.

There is much to question about the plot’s trajectory as the show slowly but surely puts the pieces together. Some of these questions have been raised by the show itself, such as the overarching question of “What is really going on in the town of Westview?” Viewers have raised other questions as well, creating no shortage of theories from who the wacky neighbor Agnes really is and who might really be afflicting the town to the implications of episode five’s ending. It is already known that “WandaVision” will tie into the upcoming “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” film, but exactly how far the events of the series will reach is yet unknown.

“WandaVision” is a fascinating new addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and an engaging show to put on one’s watchlist. It has confounded and wowed audiences in the best ways so far and promises to deliver more excitement as it fills out the remainder of its season. The show can be found exclusively on Disney+, along with other MCU films.

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