Peach Pit

Peach Pit's album "You and Your Friends" was released on April 3.

Peach Pit recently released an album titled “You and Your Friends.” Fans were extremely excited to hear the band decided to still release their album amid everything going on right now. Peach Pit’s music is always so incredibly versatile. Their tracks are always great for vibing with friends or family, or even just by yourself with the windows down.

This band could sing about anything and still make it sound easy and laid back. For instance, the track “Black Licorice” is one of the first tracks of the album that exemplifies this. The calming vocals along with the soft rock melody driven by guitar make the listener feel as though they are cruising down the open road on a sunny day. However, when listening to the lyrics, it is quickly realized that the meaning behind the song does not entirely match the easy feel. The line “I’m just black licorice and all the people that I know would rather leave me in the bowl” details the feeling of being an outsider and feeling as though your friends do not appreciate or accept you. The juxtaposition of the tone of the song against the lyrics exemplifies even further the inner conflicting thoughts about how we feel our friends perceive us.

Peach Pit should definitely stick to their laid back tone, however, which becomes evident in the track “Puppy Grin.” They tried too hard to branch out on this song. The soft vocals do not match the energy of the track. The song starts off promising until about 40 seconds in when there is a buildup that does not really match what it is building up to. The melody is not extremely strong or memorable in the chorus, which is supposed to be the most memorable part of any song. Lastly, the constant beeping throughout the beat through almost the entire song is maddening once noticed. “Puppy Grin” is not a strong point on their album, and the band should definitely stick to what they know they’re good at.

Ending on a more positive note, one of the strongest tracks in the album is “Shampoo Bottles.” This track’s lyrics really hit hard to anyone who has had someone on their mind recently or knows what that feels like. There is a constant conflict between the irritation of having a past significant other’s belongings hanging around the house after a breakup and still not wanting to let go of such belongings because it symbolizes letting go of the actual person. The band did a successful job in this song to keep to their usual style, while still introducing something new and catchy for us to listen to over and over until we finally learn to let it go.

Overall, Peach Pit had a successful album release and all lovers of music with a laid back vibe should rush to go listen to this album. Just skip over “Puppy Grin.” Go pick up a new hobby and turn this album on and share the good vibes with your families during this time.

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