Justin Timberlake stars in the Apple TV + film "Palmer," a thrilling story of love and acceptance.  

Justin Timberlake shines in the music world with his iconic, trendy pop songs but has hit the spotlight for his starring role in the new film, “Palmer.” Directed by Fisher Stevens, “Palmer” was released on Jan. 29 and is available to stream on Apple TV+. This film focuses on ex-convict Eddie Palmer, played by Timberlake, who returns home to get his life back on track. Along the way, he meets Sam, played by Ryder Allen, a young boy from a broken home who finds a new home in Palmer’s heart.

The dialogue doesn’t play a huge role when the film starts, but a combination of camera work and background music sets a serious tone. Before the dialogue notes Timberlake’s character, Palmer’s past is hinted at through the costume design, camera angles and hopeful background music. The film begins with a beautiful foundation that leads to a fantastic blend of character building.

Timberlake mesmerizes the audience both with his flawed character and his passion through acting. Timberlake nails this role by showing his character in every scene, even those that don’t include a considerable amount of dialogue. A complete surprise that perfectly accompanies Timberlake’s performance is 8-year-old Ryder Allen. Allen captures the audience’s heartstrings with his kindness and positivity. He confronts a difficult role with the performance of a lifetime that even some older male actors can’t get right. Throughout the film, Allen and Timberlake make an unstoppable dynamic duo, creating an on-screen bond that makes it hard not to love their relationship.

Another outstanding performance that helped encapture the reality of “Palmer” is Alisha Wainwright as Maggie Hayes.

Hayes’s character is essential to help convey the theme of acceptance, and her acting performance as a supporting character is phenomenal. Hayes brings in a nice side story of romance that makes the film that much sweeter. The overlapping themes of love and acceptance make the characters entertaining to watch.

The wide range of emotions “Palmer” evokes, both tears of joy and sadness, make it enjoyable to watch for the entire hour-and-fifty-minute runtime. The significant differences lay between the traditional lifestyle of Palmer versus the less restrictive one of Sam. Allen allows his character to flourish and show his true self, even though he is placed in such a manly environment in the depths of South America. The film intentionally emphasizes the difference between these two characters, and it makes for an intriguing storyline.

Heartbreaking moments are balanced out with the laughter that comes from the hilariously awkward situations that Timberlake finds himself in. Watching his acting through these sequences is *chef’s kiss*. The plot twists make “Palmer” a fantastic roller coaster of a storyline and in which the ending is very content.

This original story is a must-watch, and actors like Timberlake and Allen make the fiction on the screen capturing and thrilling.

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