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Music critic Kaylah Simpson shares her thoughts on Alexander 23's most recent album "Oh No, Not Again!" which was released on Feb. 19.

On Feb. 19, Alexander 23 released a nine-track extended play record, or EP, titled “Oh No, Not Again!” Some of the songs on the EP have been released for a while, but they were still great additions. The only one I feel should not have been included was “IDK You Yet” since it is Alexander 23’s most popular song. Adding that song feels like an attempt to capitalize more on the record rather than creatively adding new songs.

Skipping over “IDK You Yet,” the EP begins with the track “Cry Over Boys.” There is nothing particularly wrong with this piece, but it is just a typical, surface-level love song with a simple beat and melody. Its best part is around 2:20 because the beat slightly changes, and more elements are introduced. Another factor which will probably garner this song more popularity is its relevance to today’s society. It is about a girl going on countless dates with a guy she knows is not for her, but she goes anyway just to get let down every time. The lyrics, “You cry over boys you haven’t even met in real life” hit home due to our technology-focused society. People tend to stay behind their screens rather than socializing in-person, which is ultimately why many relationships fail.

Later in the EP is a collaboration between Alexander 23 and Jeremy Zucker titled “Nothing’s the Same.” It’s exciting to see these two work together because their styles and voices are so similar, and they mesh well when collaborating. The track is about going through hardships in life, specifically bad breakups and the toll they can have on a person. Before the breakup, it was easy to go out and just have fun with friends, but post-breakup, it may feel as though there is a hole in one’s heart and thus difficult to even remember what it was like to be happy. Not only are the lyrics heartfelt, but the vocals in this song are angelic, really adding to the melancholic theme.

Another great song on the EP is “Caught in the Middle,” which is definitely the most catchy out of the compilation. This piece has a similar theme to many of the others about knowing a significant other so well, then breaking up and dealing with that strange middle stage where both parties are in emotional limbo. “Caught in the Middle” refers to being in an in-between stage of knowing so much about that person yet also knowing nothing about how they are anymore.

Overall, Alexander 23’s new EP was a success. Although he never really creates anything original, they are still catchy songs that many people of any music taste can appreciate. He is not meant to challenge the mind, but sometimes, that can be something refreshing that we end up needing.

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