Here for Now

Louis the Child released their album "Here for Now" on June 26, 2020.

On June 26, Louis the Child blessed the world with a new album titled “Here For Now.” The band has released a few singles prior, each setting the bar relatively high. Fortunately, the band did not disappoint with the new album. Just about every song is upbeat and catchy, which is great for this time of year when the weather is warm enough to roll the windows down and blast some feel-good tunes.

The album starts off with “Big Love (With EARTHGANG).” This entire song embodies the summer vibe of freedom and love. At 174 beats per minute, the track really uses the beat to compliment its central idea of “carpe diem” and getting everything you can out of love and life. Overall, this very upbeat track is great for any workout or good vibes playlist.

The album continues with “We All Have Dreams (with K. Flay).” It begins rather slowly, with a relaxed beat and soft vocals. Around 24 seconds in, the song switches tempos and picks up speed. The song is mainly about outrunning negative thoughts and accomplishing our dreams. The slow start that suddenly gives way to a fast tempo emphasizes this message perfectly. As the listener, it feels as though the song is sprinting, much like how we should run away from our own negativity.

Further on in the album is the track “Get Together (with Duckwrth);” one of the more laid back, funky sounding songs of the album. The song is about a man who regrets letting a girl slip away. The chorus emphasizes that the self-destruction of letting her go was a waste of time and the two need to get back together — if she will let that happen. The saxophone present throughout the track is a great change of pace for a band that is known to not incorporate a great deal of similar instrumentals.

One of the last songs of the album is “La La La (Everything’s Okay).” Though this song does not have many lyrics, it does have a calming effect through its soft beats and the gentle repetition that everything is okay. This song may help a lot of people feel better in such a tough time.

Overall, this album is definitely one of Louis the Child’s best. Many people around the world are struggling with things such as depression and anxiety in a time of isolation, and this album could help people get up and be as productive as they can during these times. When bands begin concerts and touring again, Louis the Child should be on a lot of people’s bucket lists after this successful album.

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