Glass Animals

Glass Animals released a new single, "Your Love (Deja Vu)," was released on Wednesday, Feb. 19.

With the release of their latest single on Wednesday, Feb. 19, Glass Animals has reached new depths while sticking to their usual sound. The track first aired twice on BBC radio in London that evening and was later released on music platforms.

A few months ago, Glass Animals released a new single called “Tokyo Drifting” featuring Denzel Curry. This single was a significant shift in sound for the band. The first half of the song sounds a lot more like “Lil’ Glass Animals” than an original track of theirs. However, after the first 50 seconds or so, the song picks up and brings in a fresh new beat. The song itself does not have much meaning past the importance of having fun and living life to the fullest, but the catchy beat mixed with horns adds on to the lighthearted tone of the track.

The newest track, “Your Love (Deja Vu),” is one of their best songs yet. Glass Animals have never really been personal in their songs before. However, in this new track, the lyrics talk about what it is like to be stuck in a toxic relationship. This relationship is one where one or both of the people involved are not good for each other, yet can still never get enough of their partner. This causes an endless cycle of emotional turmoil.

The mysterious flutes playing in the beginning and at other various points in the song amplify the fact that in a toxic relationship, we are drawn to the unknown aspects of a person. The flutes also seem to resemble the sound of a spiral of some sort. This may allude to the constant spiral of cutting off that toxic person only to get sucked back in again.

Another part of the track that deserves attention is the phrase “It’s a hit and run.” This compares hooking up with that toxic person to an actual hit and run on the street. This lyric emphasizes the importance of owning up to the mistake of getting involved with that person again.

Overall, this track is Glass Animals’ best yet. The meaning behind the song is much more intimate than their songs in the past. Many people can also relate to the topic of the song. This track could even cause some people to realize that maybe they should stop giving a certain someone the time of day and focus on correcting their life path in order to avoid further emotional spiraling. The beat and melody of the song are both powerful. They can appeal to many different audiences, yet the band is still able to maintain its unique sound. This track sets the bar extremely high for a hopeful future album that everyone should look forward to.

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