Girl, Stop Apologizing

Rachel Hollis has proven herself to be a huge motivational presence for women of all ages. Her newest book “Girl, Stop Apologizing” highlights the distinct ways women can improve themselves and bring real joy back into their lives.

Her reign took flight after the wide popularity experienced by her book “Girl, Wash Your Face,” which was released in February 2018. In this book, Hollis motivates readers through sharing examples of her own personal hardships and the advice she used to turn her entire life into what she had always dreamed it would be. Hollis’ approach is somewhat that of a wise older sister, and she employs that same attitude in “Girl, Stop Apologizing” by actually laying out a detailed guide for readers.

Part one of the book lists seven typical excuses that women often use to not pursue their goals. In this section, Hollis is not afraid to step out of society’s comfort zone to address controversial topics. She discusses the unique fears women have and supports her arguments with real facts. She also calls women out, reminding them of the control they have over their own lives. All of these things are done with the utmost respect for the reader. The best part about Hollis’ writing style is the relatability she establishes with her audience. Instead of bashing women for the excuses they make, she reminds them how she has walked the exact same path, had the same fears and has even gotten through to the other side alive.

Part two of the book lists seven behaviors that would be helpful for women to adopt. One thing Hollis encourages readers to do is to choose a single dream and go all in. Hollis recognizes that many people have various goals and dreams and easily get lost in pursuing them all at once. One piece of her advice is to choose whichever dream holds the most importance to you at the moment and devote your extra attention solely to that. Hollis reminds us that if everything holds importance, nothing holds importance.

The final part of the book lists six skills that will help women get where they want to go, whether it be regarding confidence, persistence or other attitudes. She holds her audience accountable and reminds them that success is achieved through daily choices and actions. “Girl, Stop Apologizing” is a step-by-step roadmap for women who desire more from themselves and out of their lives.

Hollis expertly reminds women of their often untapped potential and beautifully encourages them to have faith in their own ability. The entire book serves as a reminder to women about the control they have in their lives and in who they become. Often we believe ourselves to be wired a certain way and try to accept the things we feel we cannot change about our personalities. Hollis challenges this idea time and time again when she dares women to step up and be their own heroes.

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