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It’s time for this year to be ‘The Year’

Let’s take a look at Kevin Sumlin’s track record since he became the Aggies’ head football coach before the 2012 season: one Cotton Bowl, one Chick-Fil-A Bowl, one Liberty bowl, zero division titles, zero SEC championships, zero playoff or BCS bowl appearances and zero national championships.

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Wednesday 09/02/2015
No joke: Don’t throw away vote on ‘Deez Nuts’
Updated: September 03, 2015 - 1:22 am

Nine percent of North Carolinians surveyed preferred “Deez Nutz” over Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in a late August public policy poll.

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The next giant leap: America’s future in space is bold, bright and focused on Mars
Updated: September 03, 2015 - 1:22 am

It all boiled down to one question — how do you keep an astronaut alive long enough to land on Mars? A spacecraft heavy enough to sustain a manned Martian mission reaches the planet with too much energy to attempt a safe entry, but the fuel necessary to slow down is too heavy to haul into orbit. Vehicle atmospheric drag is a great solution if the occupants are robots, but the human body is very fragile and maneuvers must be restricted. 

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Break the chain: Feminism movement requires looking beyond cultural stigmas
Updated: September 02, 2015 - 12:24 am

When I was born, my dad called my grandma to tell her the news. She replied, “Oh, don’t worry, you’ll get a boy next time.” 

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Tuesday 09/01/2015
Letter to the Aggie freshmen
Updated: September 01, 2015 - 12:32 am

Dear Freshmen,

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Monday 08/31/2015
The first draft of campus history
Updated: August 31, 2015 - 1:10 am

From day one in Aggieland, I was told, “From the outside looking in, you can’t understand it. And from the inside looking out, you can’t explain it.” Three years of interviewing Aggies later, I stand by this statement. I can’t explain the Aggie Spirit, but every day at The Batt, we try.

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Friday 08/07/2015
Road to the White House
Updated: August 07, 2015 - 12:08 pm

Get ready for angry social media rants, it’s officially presidential campaign season once again.

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Wednesday 07/29/2015
Game by game breakdown of 2015 Aggie football
Updated: July 30, 2015 - 4:22 pm

It’s almost here, folks. Just over a month until college football is back in our lives.

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Guest Column: Dear Incoming Students...
Updated: July 29, 2015 - 10:40 pm

Dear Incoming A&M Students,

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The world's largest swimming pool is also NASA's astronaut proving ground
Updated: July 29, 2015 - 8:22 pm

If you want to experience outer space, jump into the nearest pool – NASA’s training philosophy has centered on this maxim for decades, and they have the largest swimming pool in the world to prove it.

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Monday 07/13/2015
Staff Picks: Aggie traditions
Updated: July 13, 2015 - 7:49 pm

Penny on Sully

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Wednesday 07/08/2015
An Aggie in NYC: Technical difficulties should stand as a warning
Updated: July 08, 2015 - 7:51 pm

NEW YORK — The newsroom in the Fox News Channel headquarters seemed casual as I sat at my desk working on prompter script for the next day’s morning show. I knew, however, upstairs the employees on the Fox Business floor were probably running around, making calls, checking every newswire, Twitter feed, anything to make sure the audience gets the most accurate updates on the stock exchange freeze Wednesday morning. 

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An Aggie at NASA: A dangerous endeavor
Updated: July 10, 2015 - 1:17 pm

Mars makes it extremely easy to die before you even get to the surface.

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Wednesday 07/01/2015
Letter to the Editor: If the Confederate flag represents hatred, so does the U.S. flag
Updated: July 01, 2015 - 9:07 pm

Dear Editor,

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Opinion: Why condone the flag of a broken nation?
Updated: July 01, 2015 - 9:12 pm

In the wake of the Charleston shooting, the infamous piece of fabric that was once a representation of southern pride has become a symbol of controversy.

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Death of a dragon
Updated: July 08, 2015 - 7:38 pm

A white plume enveloped SpaceX’s Falcon 9 just before the rocket exploded, destroying ISS-bound cargo and the company’s infallibility minutes after take off on Sunday morning.

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Monday 06/29/2015
Opinion: ‘This action is beautiful’
Updated: June 29, 2015 - 7:06 pm

On June 26th, Gov. Greg Abbott posted the following to Twitter: “Marriage was defined by God. No man can redefine it. We will defend our religious liberties.”

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Opinion: Blurring the line between church and state
Updated: June 29, 2015 - 7:44 pm

When the Supreme Court ruled that bans on same-sex marriage are unconstitutional, I, like many, rejoiced in the decision. It meant marriage equality and freedom, and meant that we as a nation could finally close the book on a debate that neither side was willing to budge on.

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Opinion: System of checks and balances in jeopardy
Updated: June 29, 2015 - 7:34 pm

In a landmark decision on Friday, June 26, The Supreme Court voted 5-4 to mandate the recognition of same-sex marriage in all 50 states. The ruling, which had Justices Kennedy, Ginsberg, Sotomayor, Breyer and Kagan in the majority, held that the 14th Amendment requires states to both license and recognize licenses from other states for same-sex marriages. Chief Justice John Roberts, along with Justices Thomas, Scalia and Alito, dissented.

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Wednesday 06/24/2015
Music should be shared
Posted: June 24, 2015

When Taylor Swift sent a letter to Apple Music, the new streaming alternative to Spotify, earlier this week demanding them to change their payment policy during the user’s three month trial period, I was peeved. The letter was concerning the fact that Apple was choosing not to pay the artists, writers or producers during the trial period. 

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An Aggie at NASA: Flight mechanics, pizza and beer
Updated: July 08, 2015 - 7:38 pm

Mars aerocapture and flight mechanics. Pizza and beer. Internships are as much about enjoying new atmospheres as they are about professional development, and NASA is no exception.  

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Monday 06/22/2015
Muse’s new record ‘Drones’ on
Updated: June 22, 2015 - 5:25 pm

You already know if you are going to like Muse’s new album, “Drones.” Here’s a hint: it sounds like Muse.

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Friday 06/19/2015
Movie review: Pixar's 'Inside Out'
Updated: June 19, 2015 - 3:07 pm

Oh Pixar, you’ve really gone and done it now. You’ve been tugging at our heartstrings for over 20 years and have now unleashed on us a flat-out masterpiece of animation.

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Opinion: Don't forget the human
Updated: June 19, 2015 - 3:26 pm

On August 1, 1966 Charles Whitman climbed to the top of the University of Texas Tower. He was a husband, a son and a marine -- and the first mass shooter in United States history. He shot randomly, killing 16 people, one of whom was my grandfather, Billy Paul Speed, a rookie cop responding to shots fired.

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Wednesday 06/17/2015
Review: Despite record turnouts, 'Jurassic World' fails to impress
Updated: June 18, 2015 - 12:44 pm

There’s a moment in Jurassic World that encapsulates everything about the franchise: A massive dinosaur stalks a group of helpless people, and for a moment everything gets quiet. The monster sniffs the air, looking, and then moves on. Everyone breathes a sigh of relief. But then!--

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An Aggie at NASA: rain or shine, the code goes on
Updated: July 08, 2015 - 7:38 pm

Tropical storms and Python scripts – a far cry from Apollo or Mars, but so went the past few days at Johnson Space Center.

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Staff Column: The GMT couples scientific progress with cultural capital
Updated: June 18, 2015 - 12:20 pm

The universe has secrets, but mankind’s largest telescope will soon be built to unlock many of them.

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Wednesday 06/10/2015
An Aggie at NASA
Updated: July 08, 2015 - 7:38 pm

It might have been the Lunar Lander suspended above the hall or the casual lunch discussions on astrodynamics, but sometime after I drove onto NASA Johnson Space Center’s campus it hit me – incredible things happen here, and I get the privilege to experience it all for the next 10 weeks.

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Wednesday 06/03/2015
Transgenders beyond the spotlight are the heroes
Updated: June 03, 2015 - 6:40 pm

I bear no hatred for the LGBT community, but I’ve got a bitter taste on my tongue when it comes to the Kardashian/Jenner clan.

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Transgender activism takes a new face
Updated: June 03, 2015 - 6:31 pm

Vanity Fair introduced Caitlyn Jenner Monday, and within the past few days she has taken social media by storm. Jenner’s transition to a female continues to stir up controversy on Facebook and Twitter.

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Monday 06/01/2015
Album review: A$AP Rocky's “AT.LONG.LAST.A$AP” carries new sound
Updated: June 03, 2015 - 12:04 pm

In 2013 A$AP Rocky released a great album. “LONG.LIVE.A$AP” carried a new sound — a soundtrack for college parties that incorporated cinematic beats and the notorious slowed-down voice in the background.  Yet, because of the long stream of heavy hitting rap albums of 2013, his album got lost in the mix. The rapper’s debut album was released the same year as Drake’s “Nothing Was the Same,” Kanye’s “Yeezus,” Eminem’s “The Marshall Mathers LP 2,” and three months after Kendrick’s “good Kid, m.A.A.d city.”  The competition was tough for the newly popularized rapper. However, it’s a whole new year for A$AP Rocky with “AT.LONG.LAST.A$AP,” and it will be hard for him to be overshadowed.

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“Mad Max: Fury Road” progresses action films
Updated: June 02, 2015 - 1:49 am

I don’t have to tell you that “Mad Max: Fury Road” is a good film. According to, the film is minor degrees from perfect. It currently holds a 98%, making it the tenth highest rated film on the website.

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Wednesday 05/27/2015
Letter to the editor: Against concealed carry on campus
Updated: September 01, 2015 - 12:37 am

Dear Chancellor Sharp,

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Letter to the editor: In favor of concealed campus carry
Updated: September 01, 2015 - 12:34 am

In light of the Texas 84th Legislature’s passage of SB11 on May 26th, I’d like to make a few points in favor of the bill. Starting September 1st, 2015, concealed carry of handguns will be allowed inside campus buildings of public universities in Texas.

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School stops, news doesn't
Updated: May 27, 2015 - 11:29 pm

The spring 2015 The Battalion staff saw the appointment of a new university president, the retirement of Reveille VIII, the introduction of Reveille IX and a tumultuous SGA election season. Aggies have graduated to move on to bigger and better things. But we’re still here.

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Monday 05/11/2015
College is part of the search to find yourself
Updated: May 11, 2015 - 8:28 am

Five days. That’s all I have left of my undergraduate time at Texas A&M. These last three years (yes, three — I’m graduating early, don’t judge) have been life-changing.

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Four years down, a lifetime to go
Updated: May 11, 2015 - 8:30 am

As cliché as it sounds, it genuinely seems like yesterday that I first set foot on the Texas A&M campus. And now, to my disbelief, I have five days until I walk across the stage at Reed Arena to become a former student. As I struggle to figure out where the time went, I can’t help but look back fondly on the four years that helped shape me into the man I am today.

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‘College is what you make of it’
Posted: May 11, 2015

‘College will be best four years of your life.” I heard this statement echoed perpetually. 

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Looking for ‘The Opposite of Loneliness’
Updated: May 11, 2015 - 8:30 am

As I prepare for life after Aggieland, I return, again and again, to Marina Keegan, a 2012 Yale graduate who wrote one of these “here comes the real world” essays for her university newspaper.

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Wednesday 04/29/2015
New York to Chicago on 3 gallons of gas
Updated: April 29, 2015 - 11:02 pm

Over the past 200 years scientists and engineers have worked tirelessly to perfect the heart of any vehicle — the engine. However, with the increased pressure to go “green,” many automakers have turned their attention to electric vehicles at the cost of research into more groundbreaking technologies such as one I came across in a graduate seminar. 

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Regents again exhibit out-of-touch leadership with seal design change
Updated: April 29, 2015 - 9:17 pm

A redesigned university seal and a renamed MSC Flag Room — just another day for a Texas A&M leadership that has shown a consistent willingness to change parts of this university with little notice or student input.

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Tuesday 04/28/2015
Disney should revamp, not retell
Updated: April 28, 2015 - 10:10 pm


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Monday 04/27/2015
Review: ‘Daredevil’ is a dark, worthwhile addition to Marvel
Updated: April 27, 2015 - 9:56 pm

Marvel has done it again. 

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Sunday 04/26/2015
Disaster City from the ‘victim’ point of view
Updated: April 27, 2015 - 4:33 pm

To give a sense of the importance of Disaster City exercises, consider the fact that a group of first responders set to train at Disaster City Saturday were sent with their training exercise equipment to help out with the earthquake in Nepal. 

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Wednesday 04/22/2015
‘The least I had, the most I could do:' Muster takes on a deeper meaning for Hosts
Updated: April 22, 2015 - 11:08 pm

‘Howdy, my name is John Rangel. I’m honored to be your Muster Host tonight.” 

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The ‘Kylie Jenner Challenge’ is dangerous
Updated: April 22, 2015 - 12:16 am

For generations, celebrity beauty fads have made women (and men) go to extremes to have the “ideal look.” Everything from juice dieting, binge exercising or plastic surgery has been attempted to get what people consider the ideal body. And some of these trends have just become more and more ridiculous or downright dangerous.

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Monday 04/20/2015
Muster: This is what it means to be an Aggie
Updated: April 22, 2015 - 7:11 am

Aggie Muster is tonight. By now, hopefully you know that — you’ve seen the posters, or the awareness tables set up around campus, or seen a Muster-related post on Facebook. This year, I’ve had the privilege of serving on the Aggie Muster Committee as a Media Coordinator, along with my partner, Jamie Bennett. Our year has been dedicated to promoting this time-honored tradition so that as many students as possible will fill up Reed Arena tonight. But no video, no poster, no Facebook post can fully convey what this sacred ceremony truly means.

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‘Stand for the fallen, but remember what they stood for’
Updated: April 20, 2015 - 10:20 pm

More than 100 Aggies will be honored at Tuesday’s Muster ceremony. Many of their stories are long and fruitful; some were cut tragically short. It is hard to find joy in a life lost, but Muster calls the Aggie family to do just that — to not only mourn those who will never walk campus again, but to celebrate the marks they left behind. 

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Sunday 04/19/2015
Good things come to those who wait: Waiting to get my Aggie Ring made it that much sweeter
Updated: April 20, 2015 - 8:55 am

Along with 4,811 other Aggies and their families, I was pretty excited to finally get my own little piece of gold Friday. I felt like I’m sure many of them felt — like we’d been waiting ages for this day.

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Thursday 04/16/2015
'This ring is for you'
Updated: April 17, 2015 - 12:23 am

Today I graduate. Not with a diploma, but with a Texas A&M Class of 2016 Ring. Three semesters remain, but the only verification anyone asks for when they hear you are an Aggie will finally rest on my finger at 12:30 p.m. Friday.

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