Fall 2019 Graduation

In an email to students on Friday, Texas A&M President Michael K. Young announced that the August commencement ceremonies will be postponed. Like with May graduations, virtual ceremonies will replace in-person festivities on the day of the scheduled graduation.

Despite the recent announcement that campus would be open for in-person classes this fall with restrictions, Young said the postponement of in-person commencements is in compliance with Governor Greg Abbott’s social distancing restrictions.

“While these restrictions may be lifted by early August, it is imperative that we plan for a smooth transition to fall and reduce risk of outbreak,” Young said.

Young said he also considered other alternatives to the traditional graduation ceremonies while maintaining social distancing.

“The challenge of social distancing in any indoor facility, including Reed Arena, is the large group of families, faculty, staff and students who would be present,” Young said. “Outdoor activities are also a concern because of extreme August heat.”

This decision was made in an effort to provide a sense of certainty to those affected, Young said.

“It is not fair to students or families, faculty or staff to continue in a state of limbo,” Young said. “We must build in plans, mitigate risk with everything we know, and move forward together.”

Throughout this difficult process, Young said we must all work to adjust to the changes being made.

“We will remember the costs and sacrifices of so many during this pandemic time in 2020. And so too will we remember our resilience as Aggies. Thank you to our graduates, especially, for your patience and service in this regard.”

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