Flix Tok (Women in Film)

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations have had to create new ways to host events safely. Women in Film (WIF) has opened the semester with an online video-making platform called Flix Tok where anyone can submit TikTok-like videos into a contest.

The contest, which was announced on Sept. 4, will accept videos until Oct. 1. The top three videos will be announced on Oct. 3, and the first place video will be declared on Oct. 17.

Wildlife and fisheries science senior Shandra Conley is the co-president of the organization and said each video must include two of the following: the word “film,” the color purple, a Gig’em and a mask.

“It could be anything you want it to be. Some TikToks are going for comedic value. Some TikToks will be a little story that these people have told,” Conley said. “We just really want to see people’s creative side so they feel they have more freedom. It may be a better artistic outlet for people who don’t feel like they have one at the moment.”

The top three videos will be selected by the WIF officer team, then the audience — composed of students — will vote for the winner. Each of the first, second and third place winners will receive a prize.

“We will speak to them, see if they would like to receive their award of having their Women in Film membership for free and a t-shirt with that,” Conley said. “ The top three will also be promoted on our website as well as our YouTube.”

Despite the legal issues arising with TikTok due to President Donald Trump’s pressures on the company, the contest will not be affected, animal science senior and treasurer of WIF Cassy Neilsen said.

“We are not having them upload it on TikTok. We are just having people use it as a reference point,” Neilsen said. “It is not an actual TikTok video, we are just using that for some inspiration and something to get started off of.”

Anyone can submit a video into the competition, regardless of whether they are a member. However, the winner of the contest is rewarded a free membership as part of the prize.

All videos can be sent to aggiewifclub@gmail.com along with any questions a student might have. Videos that are not selected for the top three will be put on Women In Film’s YouTube for anyone to view.

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