Snow in Aggieland (copy)

Throughout Brazos County, the severe weather conditions have caused more than icy roads.

On top of rolling power outages and internet connectivity issues, Bryan and College Station are asking citizens to limit their water consumption, according to KBTX.

Texas A&M has also issued a Code Maroon alert warning of critically low water levels on campus, accompanied by a request for students to avoid unnecessary water usage.

The emergency notification from the university cites dorm floodings, such as those reported by students in Fowler Hall, as one root cause of the water loss.

“Texas A&M University is experiencing power outages at our water wells and widespread water leaks in campus buildings resulting in campus water supplies nearing critically low levels,” the alert read. “Water supplies are necessary for personal use and to support [the] campus heating system.”

The cities of Bryan and College Station are also asking residents to stop dripping their faucets to conserve even more water. With current daytime temperatures above freezing, officials say pipes should not freeze over.

“We’re low on pressure, and we need folks who have had their faucets open to turn them off, and to use as little water as possible,” Director of Public Works Jayson Barfknecht told KBTX. “This will allow us to catch back up.”

Both A&M and the municipalities will continue to give updates as the situation progresses. Citizens are encouraged to report any water leaks to Utility Dispatch at 855-528-4278 so they may be addressed as soon as possible to raise water pressure levels.

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