Texas A&M Transportaion Institute

The Texas A&M Transportation Institute has been researching ways in which self driving vehicles could help disabled individuals on campus. 

This month, the Texas A&M University System Board of Regents approved four construction renovation plans for campuses across the system branches.

The Board of Regents is made up of nine members who are appointed by the Texas governor. Their responsibilities include overseeing the administration and setting policy across A&M’s 11 branches and seven agencies. The board also promotes academic research and technology that will continue in Texas and the nation.

RELLIS Agriculture & Workforce Education Complex Project

The RELLIS campus was founded in 2016 by A&M Chancellor John Sharp, naming it after the six Aggie core values of excellence, integrity, leadership, loyalty, respect and selfless service. The RELLIS campus is meant to be a hub for testing research and technology.

The new complex will host the agricultural and science program, which trains and places high school educators in classrooms across the state of Texas. The complex will also house Blinn’s academic and workforce trainings in advanced manufacturing, welding, carpentry, HVC plumbing, electrical and commercial truck driving. These trainings are currently held in a WWII commissary building on the RELLIS campus. With a newer complex, training can be held in an improved learning environment with more classrooms and lab spaces.

The total budget for this project is $15 million

Construction is said to start May 2019 and be finished in June 2020

Construction for the Academic and Administration Building – Phase I, Texas A&M University - San Antonio.

Since its induction into the A&M system in 2009, more than 8,000 alumni have graduated from the A&M-San Antonio campus, and it currently has 6,500 students. A&M-SA offers 26 undergraduate degrees and 13 graduate degrees. With the campus adding about 1,000 new students a year, the Academic and Administration Building project is intended to accommodate this growth.

The total budget for this project is $30 million

Construction is slated to start May 2019 and be finished in June 2020

Renovation of the Gibb Gilchrist Building at Texas A&M University - College Station

The three-story Gibb Gilchrist building is home to the Texas A&M Transportation Institute. TTI was created to research transportation and has become one of the best institutions of its kind in the nation. The current Gibb Gilchrist building also holds Realtime Technologies, Inc. Some of the technology includes the driving simulator, Fovio Eye Tracking System and an instrumented vehicle. The proposed renovations includes more offices, conference and meeting rooms, lecture and classroom spaces, teaching and research laboratories and support spaces.

Total budget for this project is $8,189,705

Construction is said to start June 2019 and be finished by December 2019

Construction for the ‘72 Wing Chemistry Ground Floor Project at Texas A&M University - College Station

A major section of the original Chemistry building, was finished in 1972, which provided the growing chemistry department new laboratories and offices that were devoted to research activities. This section also contained the laboratories of Distinguished Professors F. Albert Cotton and  Ian Scott. The renovations to the ‘72 wing will include new laboratories, associated support facilities for biological chemistry and synthetic organic chemistry research projects. Renovations will also be done to laboratories for analytical and mass spectrometry instrumentation.

The total budget for this project is $6.4 million

Construction starts May 2019 and is set to be finished by September 2019


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