Two Transportation Services workers saved a man from a burning vehicle on Saturday, according to a Texas A&M press release.

Joel Luce, night-shift enforcement supervisor, arrived on the scene first and found a car crashed into a tree with a couple standing nearby. Upon further inspection, Luce saw fire coming from the engine and a man trapped in the car, according to the news release.

Facilities maintenance leader Greg Stuenkel arrived soon after Luce. Stuenkel used a fire extinguisher to put out the fire, and because the doors were jammed, he then used a sledgehammer to break the windows. Around this time, police officer Patricia Marty arrived at the scene and joined the rescue efforts. Although the car caught on fire once again, Luce did not abandon his efforts to rescue the man.

“I kept telling him I’m not going to leave you ... if we go, we go together,” Luce said, according to the news release.

Through the efforts of the Transportation Services workers, local law enforcement, and fire department personnel, the man was pulled from the still-burning vehicle and taken to Houston for medical attention.


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