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Time for a change?

Mike Sherman doesn’t have ‘it’

Published: Sunday, October 17, 2010

Updated: Wednesday, July 25, 2012 22:07




photos by Jeremy Northum — THE BATTALION



Junior wide receiver Jeff Fuller drops a pass, while being covered by a Missouri player.


Jeremy Northum — THE BATTALION

The Missouri defensive line comes up with one of its seven sacks. Junior guard Evan Eike (right) sprained his ankle and is expected to miss Saturday’s game.

So, that looked oddly familiar. That performance Saturday — a 30-9 humiliation in front of more than 83,000 Aggie fans — can simply be explained with one, single word: pathetic.

"We just came home," Head Coach Mike Sherman said, "and laid an egg."

With the way the season was shaping up, the Missouri game was the make-or-break game of 2010. And in one of the most uninspired, lackadaisical efforts put forth on the hallowed ground of Kyle Field in quite some time, Sherman's squad again showed just how far this program — under his tutelage — has fallen.

How far?

Get ready for it, Aggies. This program is a perennial doormat of the Big 12. This program is irrelevant. And under Sherman, this program has gone absolutely nowhere.

Don't throw out excuses. Do not talk about progress. Do not argue that Sherman is a good guy or that he "gets" A&M.

Because the only thing A&M "gets" is winning and right now, the man in charge has shown he is incapable of doing so.

In over two years, Sherman is 13-18 — the worst start to a coaching career since A&M began allowing women into the University. Sherman is now 3-15 against teams with winning records.

Those wins?

Texas Tech, Iowa State and Louisiana Tech. Sherman's biggest home win was over an eventual 7-6 Iowa State team on a forgettable Halloween afternoon. Sherman is 5-13 in conference play. Sherman's teams have lost 12 consecutive games on television.

And, with the rough part of the schedule still to come, Sherman is on the verge of his third consecutive losing season.

Fun fact: the last Aggie coach to have three consecutive losing seasons and keep his job was Jim Meyers in 1960.

The resources at Texas A&M's disposal are ubiquitous. This program has no excuse not to finish every season in the top 25.

A&M has some of the greatest, most loyal fans in the country. Its gameday atmosphere is second to none. The traditions speak for themselves. It is situated in between two of the biggest recruiting hotbeds in the entire country. It has facilities to match up with any college anywhere.

Yet, the last time the Aggies finished ranked was 1999.

In a season that was to be the apparent next step for Aggie football, the hinges have fallen off and the ship is sinking. Utter futility marred all aspects of the game Saturday. And there was seemingly no sense of urgency from a team that instead played with an air of misguided entitlement. It was an unacceptable performance from an unprepared team.

The time has come for Aggies everywhere to demand more from this University's hierarchy.

More than two years ago, Athletic Director Bill Byrne conducted a nationwide search for the next head coach. The search led him to interview one person and offer an unproven college-coaching commodity a seven-year guaranteed deal.

Looking back, it may go down as one of the worst contracts in the history of college football. Because in the college game, a coach either has it or he doesn't. That "it" factor so prevalent in the most successful college coaches: that charm, that want-to, that fire, that winning mentality, that sense of urgency.     Each game it becomes increasingly apparent that Sherman simply doesn't have it. Each game, that questionable hire looks more and more like a program-hampering mistake.

Sherman said, following the embarrassment, "We could have fired everybody today."

If this program is ever to take any step toward reclaiming prominence, it should take him up on that.


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Mon Nov 15 2010 23:11
I bet you wish you had waited until after the Baylor game to voice your opinion. Seems as if the give him some time crowd are looking more and more correct every single game.
Thu Oct 28 2010 14:10
I think Byrne is where the real problem lies. Does not build a personal relationship with coaches and athletes, it's strictly business; that attitude starts to rub off on used-to-be hands on coaching. Does a poor job of motivating staff...
Tue Oct 19 2010 13:20
If we are going to just give up and fire the Coach, why don't we just go ahead and buy our own National Championship trophy and put it up on a mantle somehwere - NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP QUITTERS. I hate quitters and the world is full of them. Waaah-waaaah-waaah. That is what is so PATHETIC. Mike Sherman doesn't have it??? Mr Harris , what have "you" got ??? It takes alot of integrity, class, and know-how , to build a championship team. Mr. Harris I know you don't have it. I still think Mr Sherman does. Why he would even want to come work for TAMU is still something I don't understand. How long did it take TCU to build a program??
Mon Oct 18 2010 21:32
Yes Sherman should go at the end of this season and Byrne also, I agree with that. My idea is hire either Chris Peterson of Boise State and offer him both the Head coaching job as well as the AD job...I'd also add Gary Patterson of TCU to the short list as he knows Texas football and knows the high schools here so recruiting will not be that much of an adjustment. Also Patterson has beaten OU at Norman, Tech at Lubbock, and Nebraska at Lincoln..he is a proven coach...and third...I'd add Chip Kelly from Oregon. The HC/AD worked when we hired Jackie Sherrill from worked then...1988 was the last time the Aggies won a New Years Bowl game.
Jackie Sherrill
Mon Oct 18 2010 17:06
"Looking back, it may go down as one of the worst contracts in the history of college football."
Even Gerry Faust only had a 5 year contract!

Vanderbilt is sooooo disappointed that we didn't jump to the SEC.

I'm tanned, rested, and available if you need me.

And I'm all paid up with Fed Ex.

Mon Oct 18 2010 16:55
The above 2 comments hit the nail right on the head. Until there is a coaching change nothing will change. I do hope that McKinney did not force the Athletic Director to hire the present coach with Sherman being the ONLY one interviewed for the job! After being made to think that this was THE year for Texas A&M football, alot of money has been spent on tickets now on games that can't really be looked forward to as an exciting game and challenge. Why Sherman will not even give Tannehill a chance is beyond everyone's thinking!! The fans paid their money to watch a game with the best quarterback playing and Sherman will not even challenge Johnson with Tannehill.
Mon Oct 18 2010 14:03
The last time A&M finished ranked was in '06 now the last time A&M finished in the top 10 was after we went to the Sugar Bowl andl lost to Ohio St. during are Big 12 Championship win. And Bill Byrne was forced to hire Sherman due to McKinney.
Mon Oct 18 2010 12:04
You are absolutely right! Sherman was a bad hire from the start. Bill Byrne should be fired for giving this guy a 7 year contract. A&M should clean house and bring in someone like a Butch Davis, someone who can recruit. Just look at A&M's 2011 recruiting class and it's a joke. Sherman and Byrne should both be fired immediately! No sense in wasting time.

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